Skipjack Modern Japanese Restaurant in Glenview opened up about a year ago in the same shopping plaza as the Mariano’s at the corner of Golf Rd. and Waukegan Rd. You can find it tucked away in the corner as you first enter the complex from the north side.

When Skipjack first opened we were pretty excited. My wife loves her sushi, and to have another local restaurant in the area serving up fresh sushi was a dream come true for her.

Me, I’m not a big sushi person, but Skipjack also has a grill menu that includes chicken teriyaki, which is always my goto dish when my wife wants sushi.

It took us a while to finally order from the restaurant, but when we did, we weren’t disappointed… or I should say, my wife wasn’t disappointed… I did not order anything the first time we did take out, but it encouraged us to visit them for a dine-in experience to celebrate my wife’s birthday in early March.

Skipjack Sushi Restaurant Glenview

Since I didn’t eat anything that first time we ordered takeout from Skipjack, this review is going to focus solely on the dine-in experience we had for my wife’s birthday earlier this month… before all of the restaurant dining rooms were closed and nobody could leave their house.

Her birthday is at the beginning of March, so we were able to visit the restaurant the Saturday before the Governor of Illinois shut down restaurant dining rooms. But even though he hadn’t officially shut down everything, the dining room was still pretty quiet. There was a table of two guys, who I believe were employees of the restaurant, or at least one of them was, who were having dinner, and then, what appeared to be, a husband and wife having dinner.

It was actually kind of nice to have the dining room to ourselves since we were a larger group of 10 with 4 children (3 of which can’t sit still, and can’t be quiet). It was nice to not have to really worry about them bothering other people trying to eat, which always makes me feel bad. I don’t want to ruin anyone else’s night out with my kids being obnoxious. And even though we try to wrangle them in as best we can, sometimes it just doesn’t work (at which point we pack up and leave).

But, seeing as how there was nobody else in the restaurant, I was able to relax a bit and just enjoy myself instead of worrying about how the kids were behaving. (Don’t worry though, I would never give them free reign to run around the restaurant itself, even empty, but at least I didn’t have to worry about them being loud.)

The restaurant space itself is very nice. The tables are nice and spread out, everything is super clean and well lit, and everything looks brand new. There’s a small sushi bar and normal bar near the back of the restaurant, near the kitchen doors, with a few seats at them and a TV. I really liked the look and feel of the space and I hope that they are doing ok during this pandemic… and afterwards, I hope they can get people coming into the space.

All of the staff was extremely helpful and friendly, all the food came out perfectly cooked and in a reasonable amount of time… and everything about our experience was awesome.

I really hope that this restaurant does well, because I would hate to see it have to close its doors.

So support local and order carryout from Skipjack, you won’t be disappointed. Especially if you like sushi.

And speaking of sushi, let’s talk about the food.

Skipjack Sushi and Chicken Teriyaki

We started off our dinner with some appetizers and unfortunately I can’t remember exactly what the 2nd one was (some food blogger I am). But I can tell you that they were both pretty good.

skipjack glenview appetizers dumplings
Dumplings filled with pork – and another appetizer I can’t remember.

In regards to my picky tastes, I would say that the dumplings were a little better than the other one, only because I like my food slightly fried and filled with pork, and the dumplings were both.

We ordered a couple plates of each of them and devoured everything that hit the table without a problem. Definitely recommend these two appetizers for the table.

As I mentioned above, I’m not a huge fan of sushi, so I opted for the chicken teriyaki, which came with a side salad and a cup of miso soup. Miso soup isn’t really my favorite, although I don’t mind it, so I gave it to my nephew who apparently loves miso soup and tofu, so at least that wasn’t going to go to waste, but I did try the salad.

skipjack glenview side salad
My Side Salad

The salad is a spring green mix with a house creamy ginger dressing.

I’m pretty boring when it comes to my salad dressing, but I gave it a try and it wasn’t terrible in smaller doses (for me). I ate most of the salad though and just relegated some of the dressing to the side, but absolutely solid for a side salad to go with my chicken.

The chicken teriyaki came out and looked amazing.

skipjack glenview chicken teriyaki
Chicken Teriyaki over vegetables

There’s a good amount of grilled vegetables topped with the chicken and just absolutely doused in teriyaki sauce. I’m not a huge vegetable person either (wait, why do I have a food blog again?) but I did eat some of them and everything was awesome. Oh, and did I mention the chicken was absolutely perfect. Nice and thin strips, perfectly cooked and smothered in the perfect amount of sauce, just how I like it.

I’ve had quite a few chicken teriyaki’s at sushi restaurants and this was one of my favorites, for sure.

So if you’re not a sushi person, by your significant other is, and you still want to help support Skipjack, the chicken teriyaki is perfect. I definitely recommend it.

skipjack glenview sushi
More delicious sushi

Now, as far as the sushi goes, I have no clue what was ordered for the table, I just have pictures. But, I can tell you that there was no sushi left at the end of the night and everyone was raving about how good it was. So if you’re looking for some great sushi in Glenview, then I’m pretty sure you can’t go wrong with Skipjack.

Please, please, please, try to support them during this crazy time if you can. I know they would appreciate it, and my wife would appreciate another awesome sushi place in the area surviving all of this.


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