Aba Restaurant Chicago – Great Food, Great Rooftop, Great Friends [Review]

eggplant spread salad aba chicago

When you become a parent there are lots of things that become harder to manage. For instance, being able to go out to dinner and actually enjoy yourself. With the kids around there’s always something to deal with, whether it’s cutting food, blowing on something because it’s lukewarm (which is too hot for our daughter), […]

Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba! Chicago – My Love, Hate Relationship With Tapas

grilled squid

For those unfamiliar with tapas, or what tapas is (are?)… it’s basically small plates of Spanish-style food that, when ordered, sounds like you’re getting a shit ton of food, but in actuality, you receive a very small plate of usually a single item, or just a handful of items. And because of this, you end […]

I’ll Try Everything You Order – Bulerias Tapas Bar Chicago

asparagus cheese balsamic tapas

Tapas restaurants aren’t my favorite restaurants in the world, but I do enjoy their atmosphere and the fact that everyone is sharing and interacting during the meal. I also like the fact that you get to try a bunch of different things because it’s small plates made to share. So if there’s something you order […]