Gameworks Schaumburg – Don’t Bother With The Works Kitchen Restaurant [Review]

the works kitchen gameworks nachos

It has been about 8 years since I last visited the Gameworks in Schaumburg, and it seems that a lot has changed. Traditional arcade games have been delegated to the 2nd floor, while “ticket” based games have taken over the main level. Tokens and quarters have been replaced by the refillable Gameworks credit cards, and […]

Holt’s Restaurant in Park Ridge Revisited [Review]

fish tacos holts park ridge

The last time I was at Holt’s restaurant in Park Ridge was on October 1st of 2017, the day after my son was born… that’s 2 years ago, and way to long to go between visits to this restaurant. And yes, you read that right. While my wife was recovering in the hospital after the […]

The Best Pizza in Chicago is Not Lou Malnati’s

lou malnatis deep dish pizza chicago

The best pizza in Chicago is definitely a matter of opinion, and in my opinion Lou Malnati’s is not the best pizza in the city, by a long shot. I honestly don’t even understand why people like it as much as they do. There’s not that much sauce on it in general, the sauce itself is loaded […]

How To Make Food Delivery a Healthier Option

healthier pizza

The convenience of food delivery makes it the perfect choice for a fast meal when you don’t have the time or energy to cook, and sometimes it satisfies a craving that you desperately want. Instead of forgoing the idea altogether, think about ways you can lessen the unhealthy impact of the meal without sacrificing taste. […]

Little Caesars Pizza Portal And Pizza Review

little caesars pizza portal review

For the most part I don’t mind “fast food” chain pizza. I know that living in the Chicago area gives me access to some of the best pizza restaurants in the United States, but sometimes you just need something fast and cheap to satisfy your pizza craving. And that’s why we decided to get Little […]