Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers Review – Morton Grove

raising canes chicken fingers morton grove review

I’ve heard about Raising Cane’s chicken fingers for a few years now, but there was never a location near me until this week. A new location opened right around the corner from my house on election night and since fast food seems to be Donald Trump’s favorite food, we decided it would be a perfect […]

5 Tips to Stay Healthy When Ordering Food from Local Restaurants

burger fries carry out delivery

It’s a super weird time in the world right now with this coronavirus spreading more and more each day. And while a lot of countries/states have begun to lock down and keep people inside to try and flatten the curve, everyone still needs to eat so I wanted to put together this quick post that […]

Taco Bell Breakfast Tacos – How Do They Stack Up?

taco bell breakfast tacos

Where do you get breakfast tacos in Chicago? Serious question… A friend and I were discussing how much we love Torchy’s Breakfast Tacos (which you can only find in Texas, Colorado and Oklahoma), and how there’s not really an equivalent in, or around, Chicago. And honestly, I’m not talking about the fancy tacos that Torchy’s has on […]

Should You Tip a Barista for Coffee?

do you tip baristas

First of all, this isn’t me trying to bash baristas for asking for tips, or even me telling you that they don’t deserve them, this is me genuinely asking if you believe that you should tip your barista. I honestly don’t drink coffee. I’ve purchased a coffee, or latte, or whatever, for my wife maybe […]