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Restaurant Reviews, Recipes, Drinks Reviews, and More
yuno biotactical botanical wellness drink review


Taste test reviews of food, drinks, and other random food products.

chicharron del puerco cabra chicago

Restaurant Reviews

Follow as I journey through the Chicago food scene, while also eating on vacation.

cheesy chicken casserole recipe


Easy to make recipes that even an AntiFoodie can make in a pinch.

loverboy sparkling hard tea review

Product Reviews

Products, beverages, frozen foods and more! I'll review anything food related.

crystal pepsi vs regular pepsi

About Me

I’m a 40-something year old man who has never been impressed by food. My ideal food is a pepperoni pizza or a good smash burger (straight meat and cheese only). I don’t need fancy aioli, sauces, vegetables I’ve never heard of, or any kind of seafood… I just need enough food so I don’t die. 

However, my wife loves food, so she does make me try things I never would have before (which is a step in the right direction). So follow me on this food journey as I try to drop the diet of a 5 year old and try to finally figure out what it means to eat like an adult… 

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