Brunch Cafe in Niles, IL [Review]

fruity pebbles pancakes brunch cafe

I’m not quite sure if Brunch Cafe is a franchise-chain restaurant or if there are just multiple locations spread around Illinois (with one in Scottsdale, Arizona), but I’d never heard of it until it moved into a strip mall in Niles, near my Portillo’s. So whether a chain or not, it was new to me, and […]

Granite City Northbrook Brunch Experience – Mother’s Day Edition

granite city northbrook brunch

For the past few years, since my father in-law retired and him and my mother in-law moved back to the area, we have divided up Easter and Mother’s Day between my family and my wife’s family. Easter is usually spent with my family and then Mother’s Day with hers, both consisting of brunch. Easter is […]

Trader Joe’s Chicken Sausage Breakfast Burrito Review

trader joes chicken sausage breakfast burrito

In an attempt to get me to eat more than just Fruity Pebbles and Cinnamon Toast Crunch for breakfast every morning, my wife has been trying to find easy foods that I can just heat up and enjoy without having to actually cook anything. At the same time she doesn’t want to just buy me […]

The Madison Bar & Kitchen – Brunch, Burgers, and Kid Friendly

bib kids menu the madison chicago

It’s not every day you walk into a restaurant, that you think probably isn’t going to be that great for kids, and are sat down with a bib and a plastic table cover for your baby… kudos to The Madison Bar & Kitchen for making a great impression before we even sat down. On Saturday […]