Chicago Area Private Chef, Hard Bitten, Crushes at Home Party

hard bitten chicago private chef

I struggled with coming up with an appropriate title for this article because Halee (Hard Bitten) absolutely blew me away last weekend when she was the guest chef at our friend’s daughter’s 3rd birthday party. Even though the food didn’t appear to be super upscale or “fancy”… everything was absolutely incredible and delicious, and despite […]

21 Kitchen Gadgets You Didn’t Realize You Needed [2020]

amazing kitchen gadgets

Amazon is full of crazy products that you’ve never heard of, but some of these products are actually quite useful. I’ve purchased a bunch of them for our home and sometimes it’s hard to believe that we got by without them over the years. If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen and […]

The Best Way to Cook Ribs Using The Oven and Grill [Recipe]

how to make bbq ribs in oven and grill

I love BBQ ribs, but I’ve never actually attempted to cook them at home until Memorial Day weekend 2020. I figured with the stay at home order’s still in place and nowhere to go, it would be a perfect time for me to experiment with cooking ribs at home. I won’t bore you with a […]

5 Best Food Delivery Services To Help With Meal Planning

best meal delivery services chicago

With everyone being stuck inside these days, most of us have resorted to ordering delivery from our favorite local restaurants, or subscribing to some sort of food delivery service. But with so many different food delivery services out there, it’s hard to pick which one works best for you and your family. I know my […]

How to Make the Best Oreo Torte Dessert [Recipe]

oreo torte recipe

For as long as I can remember my mom, and or someone in our family, has been bringing Oreo Torte dessert to every family gather. Whether it’s holidays, birthdays, or whatever other reason we’re using to get together, there was always and Oreo Torte on the dessert table, and it’s the most amazing dessert ever. […]