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yeti cooler wraps vinyl stickers

Yeti Coolers are already some of the most popular coolers on the market today, so what could you possibly do to make the cooler…cooler… add some sweet ass vinyl stickers to it, that’s what!

Yeti Cooler wraps are one of the hottest trends around right now when it comes to making you stand out at the campsite, BBQ, park, or even at the beach. These custom vinyl wraps are specifically made for the Yeti Cooler so they fit perfectly, while at the same time giving your cooler that addd flair you’re looking for.

Yeti Cooler Wrap Material

Most of the wraps you will find for your cooler are made of a high quality vinyl that will protect your cooler as much as it makes it stand out. The vinyl is very durable and adhesive, ensuring that you shouldn’t ever have to remove it unless you absolutely want to. And due to the quality of the wraps themselves, they will also help to protect your Yeti Cooler from any scratches or scuffs that might occur during normal wear and tear.

The Yeti Coolers are definitely made to last, but if you really want to ensure that your investment is protected, then we highly recommend picking up a vinyl wrap for that added level of protection. Coolers get tossed around like nothing during the summer, hauling them over to friends houses, packing up the kids for a trip to the beach, or going on a camping trip with the guys. Your cooler is going to take a beating whether you like it or not, and since we all know how expensive these Yeti Coolers can be, don’t you want to make sure that the cooler lasts as long as it possibly can?

yeti tundra 45qt vinyl wrapWrap Designs

When it comes to the design of the cooler wrap, the possibilities are almost endless. You can go with solid colors if you want, or you can go balls to the wall with American flags with bald eagles, it all depends how crazy you want to get with them. You can even get custom made vinyl decals and wraps from places like Etsy instead of buying pre-made ones.

There are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to the design of your cooler wrap and many different companies to choose from. The biggest name in Yeti wraps is Mighty Skins, and if you’re looking for quality, they are next to none in this space. If anyone has any other suggestions for companies making these wraps, please let us know in the comments so we can test them out.

Bestseller No. 1
MightySkins (Cooler Not Included) Skin Compatible With Yeti Roadie 20 Qt Cooler Wrap Cover Sticker Skins Black Diamond Plate
  • This is NOT A HARD CASE. It is a vinyl skin/decal sticker and is NOT made of rubber, silicone, gel or plastic.
  • YETI Roadie 20 qt Cooler is not included (DECAL SKIN ONLY)
Bestseller No. 2
MightySkins (Cooler Not Included) Skin Compatible with YETI Roadie 20 qt Cooler wrap Cover Sticker Skins Green Camo
  • This is NOT A HARD CASE. It is a vinyl skin/decal sticker and is NOT made of rubber, silicone, gel or plastic.
  • YETI Roadie 20 qtr. Cooler is not included (DECAL SKIN ONLY)
Bestseller No. 3
MightySkins (Cooler Not Included) Skin Compatible with YETI Tundra 35 qt Cooler Lid wrap Cover Sticker Skins Black Diamond Plate
  • This is NOT A HARD CASE. It is a vinyl skin/decal sticker and is NOT made of rubber, silicone, gel or plastic.
  • YETI Tundra 35 qtr. Cooler Lid is not included (DECAL SKIN ONLY)

Yeti Cooler Seat Cushion

yeti cooler seat cushionIf you’re looking for another way to modify your Yeti Cooler, you can also purchase seat cushions that turn the top of your cooler into a seat for guests. It’s a great way to add another purpose to the already perfect product. Just screw in the stainless steel studs, and pop the seat cushion on the top and you’re good to go.

These seat cushions also come in a variety of different styles and designs, so if you don’t want to wrap the cooler in a vinyl sticker, you can always make it stand out by adding a seat cushion to the top of it.

Bestseller No. 1
AIEVE Cooler Cushion, Cooler Seat Cushion for RTIC Coolers and YETI Tundra 45 Quart Coolers, Water Resistant Cooler Accessories (White)
  • Durable Material: This cooler cushion is made of heavy-duty, water-resistant vinyl treated with thick foam-fill cushioning for durability and comfort.
  • Our cooler seat cushion is lightweight and soft, which is easy to carry, for yeti seat cushion can protect your coolers. It is Ideal partner for your YETI Tundra 45 Quart Coolers and allow your trip...
Bestseller No. 2
Castaway Customs | Seadek Foam Yeti Seat Cushion | 3M Adhesive Backing | Cooler Pad Accessory | Washable & Durable | Fits Tundra 35 | Mocha/Black
  • SeaDek FOAM: Enjoy the quality that you've come to know and love with our authentic Seadek Foam Yeti pad.
  • EASY APPLICATION: Each Yeti pad features a 3M adhesive backing. Clean the desired surface, and then peel and stick.
Bestseller No. 3
YETI Roadie 24 Cushion Accessory
  • This cooler seat cushion if designed for the Roadie 24 Hard Cooler. It has a low profile with an adhesive backing making it a permanent part of your cooler
  • GOOD FOR - Taking a load off, Having a drink, A softer landing, Having a think, The rear end in general

Why Get a Wrap for Your Cooler

Customizing your Yeti Cooler is great for both looks as well as protection. As I mentioned above, the vinyl material that these wraps are made out of will protect your cooler from any cosmetic harm that might occur had you not had protection. I don’t know many people that keep a cooler in the house, so there’s a good chance that your cooler is going to be living in your garage, storage unit, shed, or maybe even outside in the backyard exposed to the elements. I know if I were spending this much money on a cooler, I would want to make sure that it lasted as long as it possibly could. We all know that Yeti Products are of the highest quality, and perform well under rigorous testing, but they are still going to degrade over time whether you like it or not.

So in our professional opinion, we feel that vinyl wraps for the Yeti Coolers are a great way to protect your investment, and protect the vessel that’s going to keep your drinks cold for years to come.

If you’re looking for a great place to pick-up a vinyl wrap for your Yeti Cooler, MightySkins offers a great variety of vinyl decals and wraps for Yeti Coolers, Yeti Rambler Colsters, and tons more… they even provide wraps for other products outside of coolers, so if you’re looking to spice up any of your other products, whether it’s your Drone, your Amazon Echo, or even your RTIC products, they’ve got you covered.

Looking for a Yeti Cooler Wrap? Click on your model below to find one that fits your cooler!

Yeti Roadie Cooler – 20 Quart

Yeti Tundra Cooler – 35 Quart

Yeti Tundra Cooler – 45 Quart

Yeti Tundra Cooler – 75 Quart



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