TRULY Lemonade Hard Seltzer Taste Test [Review]

truly lemonade hard seltzer taste test review

Oh look, it’s another hard seltzer review…

I know you’re probably all sick of me writing about hard seltzers, but with restaurants being closed and not much else to do, I’ve resorted to drinking more than I normally would.

Don’t worry though, it’s not an obscene amount or anything, nothing you need to plan an intervention for, just more than I normally would… which was never very much.

1 drink per day during the week (sometimes 2, but that’s rare) and then 1-3 drinks a day on weekends… nothing excessive. I’m not getting sloppy drunk, but it has lead me to try a bunch of different beverages during quarantine. And since I’m not a beer person, and my cocktails of choice are pretty boring, hard seltzers have given me something  to taste test and review.

So here we go with another hard seltzer review, this time we’re taking a look at TRULY Lemonade Hard Seltzer.

Is TRULY Lemonade a Hard Lemonade or a Hard Seltzer?

In my opinion, I would say that the TRULY Lemonade Hard Seltzer sits right in between a hard seltzers and a hard lemonade (like Mike’s Hard Lemonade).

It’s definitely sweeter than hard seltzer, but not quite as much as those hard lemonades, and not as fizzy to me. They are a bit more tart than those other ones too, but I think that’s because the TRULY’s use stevia to get the sweetness as opposed to sugar like the other ones… but don’t quote me on that, I could just be making that up. I really have no idea what kind of sugar Mike’s Hard Lemonade uses in their beverages, but they run about 32g of sugar per serving, where as TRULY Lemonade Hard Seltzer has 1g of sugar and gets its sweetness from stevia, which doesn’t technically count as a sugar (it’s a low-fat sweetener like you’d find in diet sodas).

So that’s the man difference.

The idea behind these hard seltzers is that they are “healthier” and don’t contain as much sugar as some of the other flavored malt beverages, so therefore they have less calories. Basically it’s the same reason people drink LaCroix over Coke or other pops.

But if you’re looking for something a bit sweeter than traditional hard seltzers, this will be right up your alley.

TRULY Lemonade Hard Seltzer Flavors

The TRULY Lemonade Hard Seltzer comes in a variety pack just like the other popular brands of hard seltzers, and like those other packs, there are four different flavors included in the 12-pack.

Original Lemonade

The original lemonade flavor is exactly what it says, just a normal lemonade tasting beverage, with alcohol. Just like with the hard seltzers, you can’t really taste the alcohol, but there is a bit of a strange artificial taste when it comes to the flavor… but I feel like that’s kind of to be expecting with these drinks when they use artificial sweeteners.

The lemonade flavor is very strong in all of these drinks, but this original flavor seemed to be the most “tart/sour”. Which would make sense since lemons are a sour fruit. But even with the sourness of the drink, it’s still very good.

It definitely tastes like lemonade and is a lot sweeter than your traditional hard seltzer, which could be a good or a bad thing depending on your tastes.

I could definitely see this being too sweet for a lot of people, so if you’re not into really sweet alcoholic drinks like this, I would probably just stick to the traditional hard seltzers.

Strawberry Lemonade

Strawberry’s are not my favorite fruit. I cannot stand the smell of them when my wife cuts them up for our kids, and I will not eat them… however, I have no problem drinking strawberry flavored drinks… which is why I absolutely loved the Strawberry Lemonade flavor TRULY.

Since it’s strawberry lemonade it was a bit less tart/sour than the normal lemonade, which I actually preferred. I feel like I could drink more of the actual flavored ones than the straight lemonade version.

Black Cherry Lemonade

This one seemed a little weird to me. I’ve never heard of black cherry lemonade, but considering that the black cherry flavors of the hard seltzers are some of my favorites, I didn’t think it would be bad… and I was right.

Just like the strawberry lemonade flavor, it wasn’t quite as tart/sour as the traditional lemonade. I like the sweetness of these drinks, so having a black cherry version was just icing on the cake. This was probably my favorite flavor out of all of them.

Mango Lemonade

I hate mango flavored anything, especially hard seltzers, so I didn’t even bother trying this one. I’m assuming I would just say it’s bad, which doesn’t help people that do like mangos.

So if you’re a fan of mangos and mango flavored beverages, you’ll probably enjoy this one more than I would have.

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TRULY Lemonade Hard Seltzer vs. White Claw

Now that we’ve discussed the flavors and kind of how I feel about these lemonade hard seltzers in general, lets compare them to the king of the hill… White Claw.

Bottom line – they are different, so it’s hard to make a direct comparison.

The TRULY Lemonade Hard Seltzers lean more towards the lemonade side than the hard seltzers, so they are a lot sweeter and a lot more flavorful, but I don’t think I could drink a lot of them in one sitting, or throughout a day, without making my stomach feel terrible.

On the other end of the spectrum, White Claw are less flavorful, but don’t overpower you with sweetness, which has allowed me, on multiple occasions, to drink quite a few of them in a day.

So that’s really the only difference to me. I do prefer the taste of the TRULY Lemonade Hard Seltzers when compared to White Claw, but in terms of drinkability over the course of a nice hot day outside, the White Claws still have the edge.

But that’s not going to stop me from buying the TRULY’s, as they may become my new weeknight drink of choice, when I’m only planning on having one beverage at the end of the day.

So what do you think? Have you tried the new lemonade hard seltzer? Was it too sweet for you, or do you think you may favor these over White Claws, and other hard seltzers, in the future?

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