My wife doesn’t give a shit about expiration dates, sell-by dates, or any other sort of date that might appear (or not appear) on food. She could eat left over pizza that has been sitting in the fridge for 2-weeks if meant that we didn’t have to waste food. And while I do applaud and respect the fact that she doesn’t like to waste food, eating gray meat isn’t really what I’m trying to do on a regular basis. Maybe it’s for this reason that I love me some processed food; it never seems to go bad. Now obviously processed food isn’t good for you, but with my fast paced life, sometimes I have no choice but to eat something out of  a box…. HA! I don’t know how I got through that whole sentence without laughing, my life is not fast paced in any sense of the word.

Anyway, the point of this article is to discuss expiration dates on food and leftovers and how long you can safely eat things after they’ve expired or been sitting out. And since I am definitely the wrong person to ask when it comes to eating leftovers, frozen meals, and food past it’s expiration date, I refer you to the following handy chart courtesy of It’s got a great breakdown of how long you can safely eat foods. Personally if it’s past the date on the label and I know it hasn’t been sitting in the freezer, I won’t eat it. Even stuff that’s been frozen for a while taste weird to me. Recently I recall us getting ready to make chicken Alfredo with some old Alfredo sauce that we’d had in the cabinet for a while. It was a sealed jar that had never been opened before so my wife figured it would be cool to use… but I looked at the expiration date which was almost 6 months prior and decided it probably wasn’t a good idea. She was insistant that it would be fine… until I opened it. Alfredo sauce is a cheese based sauce and all of that cheese and cream and whatever had started to curdle at the top of the jar, and smelled like a baby’s diaper after eating a ton of split-pea baby food… it was gross. Needless to say we did not have chicken Alfredo that night, thankfully.

So I want to know, will you eat food past it’s expiration date? Or are you like me…

shelf life of food leftovers

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