Tasty10.com is the brainchild of Freddie Kole, the man behind Chicago promotion and marketing company Chicago Twenty Something, River North Fests and more. It aims to help restaurants and consumers save money on delivery and takeout by allowing customers to order directly from the restaurants without having to use a 3rd party service like Door Dash or Grubhub.

As you know, especially right now, delivery services are extremely popular when it comes to conveniently being able to order food from your favorite restaurants, and have that food delivered directly to your doorstep. But what you may not know is that your favorite restaurant is paying to be included on those services, which eats heavily into their already thin profit margins.

So while you may think that you’re helping out local businesses by ordering takeout and delivery through one of these 3rd party delivery services, you may not be helping them as much as you think. The best way to help out these businesses is to order directly from the restaurant and not go through these 3rd party services, which is why Freddie and his team have put together Tasty10.com, a website that offers promo codes that will save you 10% on any order you make directly from the restaurants.

10% may seem like it’s eating into the profits of your favorite Chicago restaurants, but those other delivery services are taking up to 30% for each order you make through them, so by using tasty10.com you’re actually helping the restaurant save money… and you’re saving money yourself.

It’s a no-brainer if you’re truly looking to support local and want to save money at the same time.

Check out the full press release below, and visit their website – tasty10.com – to see all of the participating restaurants.

June 25th 2020, Chicago, Illinois


Now more than ever local restaurants and bars need support. A new website, Tasty10.com, intends to help our local businesses fight back against 3rd party ordering sites (Grubhub, Uber Eats, DoorDash, etc.) while offering customers a discount for ordering directly from the restaurant. 3rd party apps charge restaurants up to a 35% commission, which most restaurants cannot afford.

Many restaurants feel trapped; if they are not on the 3rd party apps then they miss out on potential orders, but they often lose money on orders placed through 3rd party apps.

Tasty10 has compiled a list of restaurants that are offering customers a 10% discount for ordering directly from the restaurant. Their motto is Order Direct, Save 10%, Support Local Businesses.

“It pained me to see so many of the restaurants and bars we work with struggling during quarantine. This was the least my team and I could do to help” said Tasty10 founder,

Freddie Kole. Tasty10 is not charging restaurants a listing fee nor are they taking a commission. “This is our way of helping the industry we love” said Kole.

If you want to help local restaurants and bars survive, please check out Tasty10.com before ordering your next meal…and enjoy a 10% discount!

Tasty10 is the newest creation from the team behind Chicago Twenty Something, River North Fests, Chicago Party Boat, and several other event production and marketing sites. They have been producing and marketing events across Chicago since 2004 and in 2019 their events were attended by over 250,000.

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