How to Cook the Perfect Bratwurst

how to cook bratwurst grill

Ok, perfect may be a bit of a stretch, but I have had a handful of people asking me how I cook my brats and what I do to make them so juicy and tasty… Honestly though, I don’t do anything out of the ordinary, but apparently this method may not be as well known as I […]

Yeti vs RTIC – Which Koozie is Better at Keeping My Beer Cold?

yeti colster vs rtic can cooler test

The Yeti brand seems to have blown up over the course of the last year or so in the world of beer and outdoors. With coolers, koozies, tumblers and more, these guys aren’t messing around. The premium quality keeps your beverages cold (or hot) for hours, even in the sweltering heat. I got my Yeti […]

Berghoff Brewery Introduces New Summer Beer

berghoff beer summer radler shambler beer

The Berghoff Brewery just introduced their new summer beer, Shambler, which is a radler style German beer, but instead of being mixed with lemonade or lemon soda, Berghoff went a slightly different route. The Shambler has a refreshing mix of grape juice, orange, lemon, lime, grapefruit and tangerine added to the mix which adds another […]