Cantina Laredo with a Side of Chicken and Waffles

chicagos home of chicken and waffles evanston

A coupe weeks ago Celeste and I celebrated our 1.5 year wedding anniversary, and in honor of the special day we decided to finally use one of the gift cards my brothers got us for Christmas last year. Along with that, I also picked up an anniversary-sized version of our wedding cake… Now I know […]

Do You Tip on Tax at a Restaurant?

tip on tax at restaurants

The age old discussion on whether or not to tip on a restaurant bill pre-tax or after tax. This argument has come up on multiple occasions while out to eat with friends and family, so I wanted to get some other opinions on the matter. I’m all about tipping for good service. I’ll even give 20% if […]

San Diego Food Day 2: Snooze, Gaslamp, Searsucker

altitude sky lounge san diego

After passing out early Friday night (Day 1), Celeste and Liza decided to get up early and go for a run, while I just laid around the hotel room doing absolutely nothing. We didn’t have any plans until Celeste’s cousin, whom she hasn’t seen in ~15 years, was coming to pick us up to go […]

Austin Texas – The Home of BBQ, Tex-Mex and Music

austin texas food adventure

This past weekend Nick and I decided to head down to Austin Texas to visit my brother who just moved down there last year for work. We had always wanted to go visit him, but kind of wanted to wait until SXSW next year (or the year after), but when Fall Out Boy decided they […]