Sweet Baby Rays Barbecue Restaurant – Wood Dale

sweet baby rays restaurant pulled pork ribs

A couple weeks ago some friends and I spent a nice day over at Top Golf. We had some beers, hit some golf balls, and enjoyed some delicious, yet dumb, single-serve nachos. What I failed to mention in that previous post about that day was that after we ate the nachos and were totally unsatisfied, we decided […]

Pulled Pork Nachos and Pokemon on the Chicago Riverwalk

pretzel bites potato chips pulled pork nachos tiny hatt

Another summer weekend in Chicago has come and gone, but not without another venture into the big city to hang out with some awesome people. We had such a great time last weekend heading into the River North area early Saturday morning for Yoga in the Park and food, that we decided there was no […]

BBQ – Ribs, Pulled Pork, Brisket at Stormy’s Tavern in Northfield

bbq ribs pulled pork brisket stormys northfield

Who would have thought that Stormy’s Tavern and Grille in Northfield would have ribs that rival some of the best I’ve had in Chicago. Under the guidance of “BBQ Master” Eric Jordan, Stormy’s is delivering amazing BBQ ribs, pulled pork and brisket every Sunday afternoon. I haven’t had the greatest luck finding solid BBQ, especially […]

Pulled Pork Cheese Fries at Big Bricks

pulled pork cheese fries big bricks chicago

If you haven’t been able to tell, I am a huge fan of Big Bricks on Lincoln in Chicago’s North Center neighborhood. This place as amazing pizza, but even better BBQ, which is why it should come as no surprise that the Pulled Pork Cheese Fries are amazing. Since winter has shown it’s ugly face […]

An Idiots Guide to Making Slow Cooked Pulled Pork

slow cooker bbq pulled pork crock pot

This is probably the easiest thing in the world to make and it will feed you for a week (or longer if you freeze some of it). All you need is a slow cooker aka crock pot and a couple bottles of beer. You can get all fancy with it if you want and create […]