Amazingly Fun Night at Broken English Taco Pub in Chicago

tacos broken english taco pub chicago

Being parents of a 13-month old doesn’t offer us the ability to have a night out on the town with our friends very often. We try our best to see our close friends as often as we can, but sometimes that’s just not as possible as we’d like. Thankfully we both have parents that are […]

Tacos, Carne Asada and Shrimp From Los Nopales

carne asada tacos los nopales chicago

I was contacted a couple weeks ago to try out a new restaurant discovery app called Flavour. Now normally I’m not the one deciding where we’re going to dinner anyways, but this time we decided to let the app choose for us. Im not really sure what a restaurant needs to have to be considered […]

Austin, TX Food Take 2: BBQ, Mexican, Filipino, Donuts and Fried Chicken

burger mighty cone food truck austin

I’ve written about the food in Austin, TX before and I will probably write about it again in the future. My brother moved down to Austin from Chicago in 2012, so I’ve gone to visit him the last 2 years. And now that my wife has made it down there and experienced it for herself, […]

Al Pastor Tacos for Happy Hour at Central Standard

al pastor tacos happy hour central standard chicago

It doesn’t happen that often, but on occasion we’ll head out for happy hour drinks and appetizers after work during the week. Normally I don’t partake in such events as I have softball, or just plain don’t feel like it, but with a friend for New York in town there was no reason not to. […]