Kalbi Skirt Steak at E+O Restaurant

kalbi skirt steak eo restaurant

I think this is the third time I’ve been to E+O Restaurant, but only the second time I’ve actually eaten the food. The first time we went, we went just to see a good friend of ours play music on the patio. The second time we went, my wife wanted to make sure we hit […]

Kawayan Chicago – Filipino Comfort Food

bangus kawayan chicago filipino food

I am not Filipino, but my wife is, therefore by default I have to eat Filipino food on occasion. At first I was definitely skeptical. The first thing you notice about Filipino food is that it’s not always the greatest looking food. There’s not always a lot of colors, some of it is very soupy, […]

Austin, TX Food Take 2: BBQ, Mexican, Filipino, Donuts and Fried Chicken

burger mighty cone food truck austin

I’ve written about the food in Austin, TX before and I will probably write about it again in the future. My brother moved down to Austin from Chicago in 2012, so I’ve gone to visit him the last 2 years. And now that my wife has made it down there and experienced it for herself, […]