The Garage Bar Chicago – Probably Not A Good Place For Babies

the garage bar chicago ginormous pretzel

Yes, I’ve been away for a while and left this blog to rot in the sun like an unfortunate squirrel who tried to cross Lake Shore Drive on a hot Chicago summer day. Rest in peace my furry little friend. But alas, I am back, and I have a slightly new angle on how I […]

Winemaker Starts New Kona Coffee Company – Kickstarter

carta coffee kona coffee kickstarter

If you’re a big fan of coffee then you’re probably aware that Kona coffee is some of richest, most amazing coffee you can buy. Carta Coffee is a new venture from winemaker Scott Burr, who left California to put his time and energy into growing some of the finest coffee you have ever tasted from […]

California Pizza Kitchen – Reimagined Menu, Incredible Dessert

cpk salted caramel pudding

I was contacted a few weeks ago by a rep from California Pizza Kitchen asking if me and my family would like to head over to their local location and have dinner on them. They’ve added some new menu items and reworked the layout of the restaurant itself in this particular location and wanted to […]

Chicago Deep Dish Pizza at Gino’s East

ginos east deep dish pizza chicago

I know it’s blasphemous to be from the Chicagoland area and not be a fan of deep dish pizza or knowingly put ketchup on your hot dogs, but unfortunately I fall into both of those categories. I absolutely, 100%, always put ketchup on my hot dog, and while I don’t mind some deep dish pizza, […]

Taco Diablo / Lulu’s Evanston Groundbreaking Ceremony May 1st

taco diablo lulus evanston groundbreaking

When Taco Diablo burned down last year it was terrible. We had grown to love everything about the restaurant and were looking forward to bringing more family and friends to the establishment. Thankfully the owners have decided to rebuild, and rebuild bigger and better. Along with the reintroduction of Taco Diablo, Lulu’s will also be […]