Burgers, Beef Fat Fries and Black Cherry Cider at The Promontory Chicago

the promontory chicago cheeseburger

Saturday was supposed to be a day of apple picking, hayrides and pumpkin patching with friends, but the Chicago weather decided it was going to do what it does best in the fall and be rainy and disgusting. So instead of heading out of the city to go apple picking (which we would end up […]

Jacob’s Pickles – Beer, Biscuits and Pickles in New York

buttermik chicken sandwich jacobs pickles new york

New York City is a lot different when you’re hanging out with children ranging in age from 13 months to 3 years. There’s a lot more down time and a different set of adventures, but none of this is a bad thing, just a lot different from our last trip out there in 2012 shortly after […]

Cantina Laredo with a Side of Chicken and Waffles

chicagos home of chicken and waffles evanston

A coupe weeks ago Celeste and I celebrated our 1.5 year wedding anniversary, and in honor of the special day we decided to finally use one of the gift cards my brothers got us for Christmas last year. Along with that, I also picked up an anniversary-sized version of our wedding cake… Now I know […]

Chipotle – Why is the Steak so Inconsistently Spicy and Chewy?

chipotle steak tacos chewy spicy

Chipotle is another one of those places that I decided I didn’t like before ever having come within 10 feet of. I had this notion that I wouldn’t like any tacos or burritos because I liked Taco Bell… Yes, you read that right. Because of the fact that I like Taco Bell tacos (just the […]