Ube Cookies from Warm Belly Bakery Chicago

ube cookies warm belly bakery chicago

If you follow me on instagram then you’ve no doubt seen me post about the Warm Belly Bakery in Chicago’s West Loop. This bakery is owned by a friend of ours, Joe, who has been doing some amazing thing with cookies. Now I’m sure you’re thinking to yourself, what all can you do with cookies […]

Boozy Brunch at Fremont Chicago

boozy brunch fremont unicorn donut

I’m too old for this shit… This past Saturday we spent the afternoon at Fremont in Chicago for their weekend ‘Boozy Brunch’ to celebrate a birthday. Before I get into anything else, I will say that I had a great time, but probably wouldn’t do it again if I had the choice. And that’s not […]

Eazy-E, Tiki Bars, Boat Rides and Chinatown – Crazy Day in Chicago

daebak korean bbq chicago chinatown brisket steak

During the summer the city of Chicago offers free yoga classes in Millennium Park on Saturday mornings. It’s a great excuse for us to get our asses out of bed and head down into the city to hang out with some of our favorite people when the weather is nice. With the weather being absolutely […]

The Franklin Room Chicago – We’re Friends With The ‘Group’

venison chops franklin room chicago

After a long couple weeks of moving, it was nice to finally get some time to go hang out with our friends in the city. My mother in-law was in town so we dropped our daughter off there for the night and made our way into Chicago. As with most nights out in the city, […]

Incredible Ribs, Delicious Pizza, and Donuts for Dessert at Bar Siena Chicago

bar siena chicago doughnuts

Babysitter, check. Reservations, Check. Available friends, check. Time for a night out in the city. We had attempted to make it down to Bar Siena, in Chicago’s West Loop, a couple months ago, but when you have kids (especially kids in daycare), there’s a good chance they are going to get sick when you have […]