Yeti vs RTIC – Which Koozie is Better at Keeping My Beer Cold?

yeti colster vs rtic can cooler test

The Yeti brand seems to have blown up over the course of the last year or so in the world of beer and outdoors. With coolers, koozies, tumblers and more, these guys aren’t messing around. The premium quality keeps your beverages cold (or hot) for hours, even in the sweltering heat. I got my Yeti […]

Energy Drink Taste Test – Who Will Win?

energy drink taste test monster redbull rockstar

A couple of weeks ago a co-worker informed us that a friend of his works for Monster Energy Drink and if we wanted he could get us a couple free cases to try out. Now none of us here at the office are big energy drink guys, but we figured if they were free we’d […]