Kalbi Skirt Steak at E+O Restaurant

kalbi skirt steak eo restaurant

I think this is the third time I’ve been to E+O Restaurant, but only the second time I’ve actually eaten the food. The first time we went, we went just to see a good friend of ours play music on the patio. The second time we went, my wife wanted to make sure we hit […]

Beef Cubes and Bubble Tea at Joy Yee’s Evanston

joy yee evanston restaurant food review

Despite the fact that I married an Asian woman, I don’t eat a lot of Asian foods. I’ve come to enjoy some of the more simple dishes that her family and friends make, but there’s definitely things I don’t even want to try. And sometimes the menus at these Asian restaurants can be extremely overwhelming. […]

Our First Experience with Blue Apron

blue apron potstickers impressions

After a friend of ours sent us an invite for a free weeks worth of meals through Blue Apron, we decided that there was no reason not to try it so we setup an account and eagerly awaited our first shipment. Blue Apron is a delivery service that specializes in pre-portioned, pre-measured dinners that are […]