It’s no secret that I don’t like sushi, so when we go out to sushi restaurants I usually end up getting something like chicken teriyaki, and this weekend was no exception. We ventured out into the Lincoln Park area of Chicago to a little sushi place called Kyoto. This is the 2nd time we’ve been there and the food is actually pretty good. The main draw of the restaurant is the sushi, but the chicken teriyaki is a solid choice for those that don’t like sushi. BYOB is always a plus as we were able to order a shit load of sushi, appetizers and entrees for 4 people, for cheaper than it cost for 2 of us at Carriage House a few nights before.

I didn’t try any of the sushi rolls as I have tried quite a few in the past and know which ones I don’t like already, but I was feeling a bit adventurous and gave the Snowball appetizer a try. I really don’t remember everything that was in it, but it was rice, scallions, truffle oil and white tuna I believe, but it was pretty good. The tuna didn’t taste all fishy-like, which is why I don’t really like fish, so I was able to handle a couple pieces of it…. which actually worked out in my favor because my entree took forever to come to the table.

We put in an order for 3-4 sushi rolls and my chicken teriyaki at the same time so I was expecting them to time things properly and all of our food would come out together. The sushi came out first, which isn’t a huge deal. I understand that the sushi bar moves faster than the kitchen, but in a place where sushi is the main draw, I couldn’t believe that there were that many people ordering entrees that the kitchen would be backed up. That was the waitresses excuse when I questioned where my food was, seeing as how we had already finished all of the sushi rolls that had been brought. It was at that moment that the undeniable aroma of marijuana filled the air.

Someone in the back was clearly smoking weed and then immediately walking out into the dining room. And there’s no way that it was a customer because nobody had come and sat down next to us in about an hour, so it was definitely coming from the staff. Our waitress claimed she didn’t forget to put the order in, the kitchen was just backed up, but it’s hard to believe someone who can’t keep their eyes open and reeks of pot. I don’t give a shit if you smoke pot, just don’t do it before, or while, you’re supposed to be working. Do it on your own time. You really think I’m going to believe your excuses about the kitchen being backed up when the table that sat down 20 minutes after us got their food at the same time as me? You forgot to put the order in at the kitchen and didn’t want to own up for it.

My wife actually really likes Kyoto, but I’m not sure if we’ll be back any time soon after the terrible service we received this weekend. However, I do imagine that those guys rolling the sushi could probably roll a pretty sweet joint, so I see why it would be hard to pass up… but seriously, don’t smoke on the job if you’re going to be a complete idiot while stoned.

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