Farmhouse restaurant in Chicago has been on my wife’s list of places to try for a while now, but now that they have a location in Evanston there was absolutely no reason not to give it a shot. We also haven’t been out to dinner, just the two of us, in a little while now, so we decided to make a date night out of it.

Farmhouse Evanston

We made a reservation for 7:30 thinking that it would be pretty crowded inside, but were surprised to find that there were quite a few open tables. The restaurant has only been open for a couple weeks so far, so I assume they are still getting the word out. The restaurant itself is pretty cool, Celeste found it a bit dark, but I actually liked the ambiance that the dim lighting created. Combine the lighting with the actual barn door entrance and you literally feel like you’re in a barn on a farm. I was also informed that a lot of the stuff/decor in the place is recycled from other places, which would explain the mismatched electrical outlets that would have drove Nick insane.

The service was pretty good. There were a few little hiccups in that they ran out of their homemade root beer and the manager was a bit awkward when asking what we thought of the food, but other than those minor issues, our server was amazing and genuinely seemed to enjoy working there. The drink menu was pretty extensive and features products from all around the midwest, since that’s the theme of the restaurant. I chose to have a Hard Cider, as I’ve been on a cider kick recently, from Michigan (I believe) and it was pretty good. Celeste wanted their homemade root beer, but since they were out of it she went with the homemade ginger ale; all of their pop is homemade.

As far as the food goes, the idea is to support local farms, so everything on the menu is from a farm in Illinois or the surrounding midwestern states. On top of that, anything they don’t purchase from a local farm is homemade, even the “catsup”… which was ok, but I would have paid extra for some of the good old Heinz. So being the not-so big eater that I am, I went with the classic cheese burger with cheddar cheese and a fried egg. I asked for it medium-well, only because most restaurants always undercook my burgers so they come out medium anyways, but this one was medium-rare. I’m not sure if the waitress just misheard me or if they just messed up cooking it, but it was a little pinker than I would have liked. Of course that didn’t stop me from eating it though. What almost did stop me from eating it was the sheer amount of pepper on top of the egg. I don’t mind pepper, but there was a bit too much for my liking. Thankfully the egg yolk drown most of it by the end and it was alright. And my only other complaint, as I mentioned before, is the lack of normal ketchup, but that’s not a fault of the restaurant by any means. In fact, even though it sounds like I didn’t like the burger that much, the meat quality itself was actually very delicious.

I almost forgot, if you go here you have to order the cheese curds. They might be the sole reason why I would go back, they were that good. It’s basically just a mozzarella stick (which I could live off of), but much lighter and flakier than the breaded kind you find at most restaurants. And on top of the appetizer, we also got the ice cream sundae for dessert, which was ok, but nothing I couldn’t put together at home… I’m not sure if their ice cream is homemade or not.

So overall Farmhouse Evanston is a great addition to the ever growing food scene in our fair town. It’s not a place I would go to every weekend, but I like the idea of supporting local farms, even though I’m the least picky when it comes to that sort of thing… Meaning, I don’t really care where my food comes from as long as it tastes good in my mouth hole. I know that’s probably bad because it means I eat a lot of crap, but hey, I know what I like. I think we’ll definitely be back to drink at the bar before eating again, but that’s just my personal opinion, I think Celeste really enjoyed it and wants to try some other things on the menu, which means I’ll be going back to eat at some point. So if you’re looking for a new place to eat in Evanston, check out the Farmhouse.


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