Pound & Ounce is one of the most unique dining experiences you’ll find in Northfield, IL. A pop-up restaurant in the middle of a butcher shop, sourcing hyper-local produce, and a team of visionary chefs, you’ll wonder how chef Jamie Bisioulis ever lost out to the other competitors on Gordon Ramsay’s “Hell’s Kitchen” tv show.

Located within the walls of the Hofherr Meat Company, chef Jamie puts together an amazing menu for a once-a-month (sometimes twice) flavor extravaganza that is sure to excite your taste buds. Jamie, along with the proprietor of Hofherr Meat Company, Sean Hofherr, and his trusty store manager Vinny, pride themselves on hosting an amazing six course meal every single month, with a variety of different foods sourced from the butcher shop as well as local produce suppliers…themselves. Yep, that’s right. All of the produce served at Pound & Ounce is supplied from their own gardens.

pound and ounce oysters

Every month Jamie and her team come up with different food items that they feel will best showcase their skills as well as their passion for creating works of art… and yes, the food they produce are truly works of art. As I mentioned above, Jamie was a contestant on the 7th season of the TV show “Hell’s Kitchen” where two teams of chefs compete against in each other in hopes of impressing chef Gordon Ramsay and becoming the next head chef of one of his restaurants. And while Jamie may have been eliminated early in the show, that only fueled her passion for cooking even more. Jamie has been working as a professional chef for almost 15 years now, and has taken that time to finely perfect her art in preparation for the next venture in her culinary career… Pound & Ounce.

Jamie left her full-time chef position in early 2016 with her eyes set on opening up her own restaurant in her hometown of Northfield, IL, but as she continues to prepare and work out details of that venture, her and childhood friend, Sean Hofherr, decided to team up and and show their small hometown food like they had never seen before. Despite just being friends with Jamie, Sean comes from a long line of butchers going all the way back to his great-great grandfather who was a butcher in his home country of Germany. Continuing the legacy of his family was always a dream of Sean’s, so when the opportunity to open up Hofherr Meat Company in his hometown arose, he jumped at the chance. As soon as the doors opened in early 2014, Sean and his shop have become the go to place in the area for incredible cuts of meat sourced directly from family farms.

pound and ounce northfield

In addition to being a butcher, Sean is also incredible in the kitchen. Along with Jamie, the two of them plan out each menu for the month and pride themselves in making sure that every guest at their table as an amazing experience that they won’t soon forget.

My wife and I recently had the opportunity to join Jamie, Sean, and their team for an evening of incredible food and great conversation, and I can honestly say that I had no idea Jamie could cook this well. Did I fail to mention that I’ve known Jamie for about 20 years… and the first time she cooked anything for me, she burnt it… and it was a frozen pizza! How on earth does someone burn a frozen pizza, let alone someone who, years later, would become an incredible chef… But hey, that was in high school, Jamie has been refining her craft since then, and has definitely stepped up her game since the frozen pizza incident of 1999.

pound and ounce northfield

So if you’re looking for a unique experience with some incredible food, served by some incredible people, I highly recommend heading over to Pound & Ounce in Northfield if you can. Be sure to buy your tickets on their website ahead of time, tickets go on sale a month prior to the event, to ensure your seat. Tickets are $75 for a six course meal, which includes gratuity. Alcohol is not served during dinner, but feel free to bring your own wine or beer to enjoy with your meal. And don’t forget to follow them on Facebook to stay up to date on new menus and dates.




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