Normally I wouldn’t take the time to write about such a local restaurant since the majority of people that end up on this site live nowhere near these places, but I’m going to make an exception for Piero’s Pizza in Wilmette.

Seeing as how I hate cooking and lead a terribly unhealthy eating lifestyle it’s no surprise that almost every Sunday while watching the Bears game I order a pizza. Now usually I just go for convenience and order Papa Johns online mainly because I don’t really like to call people and the online ordering system through Papa Johns is so easy it’s stupid not to use it, plus I can always find promo codes by searching Google. Now obviously Papa Johns is like the “fast food” of pizza, similar to places like Domino’s and Pizza Hut, and while it may not be the greatest pizza in the world, it’s not the worst.

A couple of weeks ago we decided that instead of the normal PJ’s pizza we were going to give a local place a try and that local place was Piero’s Pizza in Wilmette. To be honest I had only heard of Piero’s Pizza because my brother had worked there years ago as a delivery driver, however he worked up in a different suburb and as it turns out these 2 Piero’s Pizza’s were not related in any way other than they happen to share the same business name. The store in Wilmette is the only store owned by those owners where as the other 2 stores in the north suburbs are owned by the same people, but I didn’t know that until I did a little more investigating.

We ordered a large pan pizza from Piero’s in Wilmette not really knowing what their “pan” pizza looked like or consisted of. I ordered for pick-up because I didn’t really want to wait for the pizza and we were going to be out anyways so why not. Upon picking up the pan pizza we discovered that Piero’s “pan” pizza is more like deep dish at most places. I was expecting something with a little thicker crust, but I wasn’t expecting a pizza the resembled a Lou Malnati’s pizza (or any other deep dish). Now normally this would have been a problem because although I am from Chicago I do not particularly care for deep dish pizza (it’s the chunks of tomatoes a lot of places use in their sauce), but the pan pizza from Piero’s was actually quite good.

Fast forward to yesterday, the Bears are on again and doing just as shitty as expected, but that still means it’s pizza time. I had my girlfriend call up Piero’s this time as I didn’t really want to deal with them, and we ordered a large thin crust. My girlfriend mentioned that we had an online coupon for $2 off a large pizza and that was that, 25 minutes later I was on my way to get the pizza. Now what I didn’t mention above was the main reason for writing this post, the woman working at the store seemed absolutely miserable. The first time we ordered from there she was the only one working and there was nobody else in the store so I figured she was just having a bad day or something, but this time she was just as miserable. There was an older lady sitting behind the counter who, when I told her the last name of the pick-up order, just kind of looked at me like I was crazy. She could barely relay the name back to the kitchen area so the miserable woman could bring out my pizza. And on top of it as I was waiting for my pizza another woman walked in and was asking to order a spinach pizza, but the miserable woman thought she was there for my pizza and kept yelling our name at her asking if it was her pizza until she finally realized it was mine at which point she kind of threw it down on the counter and went back to the register to ring me up.

Now I know my girlfriend mentioned the coupon over the phone, but I’m pretty sure the woman ringing me up never applied it to the order, but I also don’t think she put the Pepsi that I had sitting on the counter on there either, but either way she came back with the total at which point I pulled out my debit card. “I don’t have a machine!” she blurted out extremely rudely… Seriously, what restaurant does not take credit cards these days? She did offer to take a check though… ok, so who carries around their checkbook? Luckily I had checked Yelp before I went in and noticed that someone wrote that they did not accept credit cards (the review was from a while ago so I was hoping maybe they had upgraded) so I made sure to bring cash just in case. She gave me my change and stormed back off into the back and I left.

I still feel that the ladies working at this place are extremely rude and unprofessional and should really just hire some high school kid to come work for them instead. This lady is just miserable working here and takes it out on the customers, but what they lack in customer service they more than make up for in deliciousness. The thin crust pizza we got yesterday may be one of the best thin crust pizza I’ve ever had. It’s a thin, but thicker crust (not like cracker thin), it’s soft but not too soft, crunchy but not too crunchy, the sauce and the cheese were incredible and of course the pepperoni’s were delicious. I’m actually excited to go home and eat the left overs tonight, assuming my girlfriend didn’t take them to work with her this morning.

So while I definitely don’t want to go in there and pick-up a pizza again, I probably will just because the pizza was that good. I actually think it’s better than the other Piero’s pizza in the north burbs although I haven’t had it in a couple years. So if you’re looking for a really good pizza, whether it’s thin crust or pan (I can’t recommended the stuffed because I haven’t had it) then I highly recommend Piero’s Pizza in Wilmette, but I definitely suggest having it delivered instead of picking it up.

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