The convenience of food delivery makes it the perfect choice for a fast meal when you don’t have the time or energy to cook, and sometimes it satisfies a craving that you desperately want. Instead of forgoing the idea altogether, think about ways you can lessen the unhealthy impact of the meal without sacrificing taste. You can still take advantage of pizza delivery discounts without derailing your healthy eating plan.

Be Smart About Your Choices

You don’t have to skip the best pizza toppings, but it’s good to know which ones are better to go for. Stick to vegetables like mushrooms, olives or peppers, and do your best to avoid fattening meats. If you need that extra protein, consider a leaner choice of ham or chicken to give you that beefy texture without the extra fat.

Another option is to reduce your intake of both cheese and carbs. You can ask your favorite restaurant to go light on the mozzarella, and thin crust pizzas usually have less carbs than some of the thicker versions. You can also limit by eating less. A heart shaped pizza delivery may give you that same bready bite in a much smaller package.

Be Aware of Dietary Alternatives

Sometimes your restrictions have nothing to do with the number of calories you consume. When it comes to pizza, you might be able to opt for a gluten-free crust if you need to. If you have allergies, you can usually avoid them with the proper research.

Some chains go above and beyond to ensure that every person gets a delicious meal. Your limitations shouldn’t get in the way of a good bite to eat.

You don’t have to give up the indulgence of delivery just because you’re trying to eat a little lighter. A healthy lifestyle can still be achieved by making the right decisions on your next order.

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