Yes, I live in Chicago, the home of Chicago Style pizza, yet I still eat chain pizza like Papa Johns, sue me. I actually was never a fan of Chicago-Style deep dish pizza until recently, and even still I’ll only eat Gino’s or Giordanos deep dish; I refuse to eat Lou Malnati’s. My wife (and everyone else) thinks I’m crazy because Lou’s is a lot of peoples favorite Chicago pizza joint, but I can’t help it, I don’t like huge chunks of tomatoes in my pizza sauce. And it’s not that I don’t like tomatoes, I could eat BLT’s all day, it’s just that I don’t like warm, cooked tomatoes of any kind. My wife recently made a vegetable soup at home for dinner and I picked out all of the stewed tomatoes because they are gross.

Anyways, lets get back to the point of this post… Papa Johns blatant lack of sauce on their pizzas these days. Now I know how chain pizza works, they have a set amount of sauce they are supposed to put on each pizza, a set amount of cheese, etc. What I don’t understand is how a pizza place can put so little sauce on a pizza. The pizzas that have shown up recently have basically been their cheese sticks, which are just smaller pizzas with no sauce on them, yet they come with sauce on the side. When I order a pizza I want sauce on it, and a decent amount of it. I don’t want two table spoons of sauce, I want 2-3 ladles full. I want the sauce to be peaking through the cheese on top. I want the sauce to drip down the sides of my mouth like the juices of a delicious burger… I want more than just cheese and crust. We even went so far as to order our last pizza with extra sauce and it came with what I would expect a normal pizza to come with. I’m just glad that this time the pizza didn’t come drowned in garlic sauce and uncut…

So get it together Papa Johns, I don’t like being inconvenienced by having to change that little drop down menu on the website from regular sauce to extra sauce, the whole reason I use the website is so that I don’t have to be inconvenienced, ha!

Has anyone else noticed their Papa Johns pizzas coming with less sauce these days? Is Papa John trying to blame this on Obamacare as well? What’s the deal?

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