I think this is the third time I’ve been to E+O Restaurant, but only the second time I’ve actually eaten the food. The first time we went, we went just to see a good friend of ours play music on the patio. The second time we went, my wife wanted to make sure we hit a bunch of her favorite restaurants before we had our child, in case we didn’t get out of the house for a while. And this latest time was just because my in-laws love this place.

E+O Restaurant brings influences from Asia into their dishes. My wife is Filipino, so the Filipino aspect of the food obviously resonates with her family, but there’s also Korean BBQ influences as well as other Asian styles.

I can’t remember what I ate last time we were here, but I know I wasn’t blown away. When it comes to Asian food I usually stick to the basics, orange chicken, Mongolian beef, chicken teriyaki… things of that nature, so I tend not to gravitate towards the fancy, upscale-type of Asian foods. So it’s because of this that I would normally rather just order in Chinese or Thai food, instead of going out and spending the money on somewhere like E+O, but since the in-laws were in town and love this restaurant, I had a reason to go.

Kalbi Skirt Steak

I was checking out E+O on instagram earlier in the day and the burger that they had really caught my eye. I’m a sucker for burgers and this one looked pretty damn good. I knew it couldn’t stand up to some of the better burgers in the city, but at least I knew that I would enjoy it. Sometimes when I go to places, I’m worried about ordering something new in case I don’t like it.

One thing I dislike more than food is wasting money.

On this occasion though, I decided to forgo the safety net and dive in head first. Ok, it wasn’t really diving in head first, it’s not like I ordered something super crazy like the bone marrow tacos… which we did order for an appetizer, but it was something different than the burger… I went with the Kalbi Skirt Steak.

This is basically a skirt steak marinated in kalbi… pretty simple and pretty easy. It also comes with a side of kimchi rice, which I already knew wasn’t going to be my thing, I’m not a fan of kimchi no matter how it’s served.

The skirt steak was pretty damn good. I usually don’t care for skirt steak because I sometimes find it a bit chewy, but this skirt steak wasn’t chewy at all. It was marinated very well, although I would have loved to have a little bit more of the kalbi flavor coming through with each bite, but it was definitely noticeable.

My only gripe with the skirt steak overall was that I ordered it medium and there were definitely areas of it that were medium-rare to rare… I’m sure they were still cooked to temperature and safe to eat, but I can’t bring myself to eat rare – medium-rare steak. I don’t like to send things back to the kitchen, which is probably dumb. I should probably let the restaurant fix their mistake before writing about it on the internet, but it didn’t deter me from eating 90% of the steak, and it still tasted pretty delicious. Plus, if I would have sent it back to have them cook it a little longer, I would have mentioned that here anyways, so it wouldn’t have matter.

burrata salad eo restaurant
Burrata Salad

So even despite the minor undercooking of the steak on certain areas, I would still recommend the Kalbi Skirt Steak if you’re a little hesitant about the other dishes on the menu. Also, the Burrata Salad was a nice compliment to all the food we got, so give that a try as well.

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