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Easy To Make Breakfast: Bacon, Eggs, Hash Brown Slop

bacon eggs hash brown slop breakfast

I don’t know what to exactly call this slop of a mess I made for breakfast yesterday, but my mom made it for us all the time growing up, and still makes it to this day. I’m just going to refer to it as slop, but it’s basically just bacon, hash browns and eggs all mixed together. I’m not a very good cook so for me to actually make something is pretty impressive. Sure I can make a mean grilled cheese sandwich or some delicious eggs and bacon, but following actual recipes and timing things so they come out at the right time, etc. is not my strong suit. But since all of this stuff is cooked together in the same pan I thought it’d be pretty easy to do, so I gave it a shot.

Now I have no clue if I did this the right way, or if there’s a better way to do it, but this is how I made the slop Sunday morning and it turned out “ok”… not great, but ok.

First I took about 6 slices of raw bacon and cut them into smaller squares. I go back on forth on whether it would be easier to cook them as strips first and then cut them up after the fact, but in this case I went with cooking the little pieces, it was a bit annoying.

bacon in a frying pan breakfast
Cut pieces of bacon in the pan

Once the little pieces of bacon are kind of cooked on both sides it was time to add the frozen hash browns; and this where my issues arose. I cannot cook hash browns correctly to save my life. They never turn out crispy like I like them, they are always still mushy. When cooking them on their own I’ve tried using more oil… which results in the hash browns just soaking up the oil and remaining soggy. I’ve tried less oil, which just results in the hash browns sucking up all the oil and then just burning in the pan… I’m lost. Either way though, for the “slop”, I added the hash browns into the bacon pan, using the bacon grease as the oil in this case. I may have used too much of the hash browns, but what can you do.

hash browns in a frying pan breakfast slop
Adding frozen hash browns to the frying pan

Once the hash browns are warmed and cooked to your liking it’s time to add the eggs. For the eggs I prepared them just as I do scrambled eggs. I broke 5 eggs into a bowl, added a bit of milk and whisked them until my liking. Then I poured the entire mixture over top of the hash browns and bacon and mixed around until the eggs were cooked.

The final product (image at the top) looked pretty close to what my mom usually makes, although she may use a different shape of hash brown, but either way the taste was pretty similar. I’m not sure if it needed more bacon or less hash browns or what, but it definitely needed something. Obviously I added salt over the top of it, and just a bit of ketchup, but it’s never going to be the same as when mom makes it.

So there you have it, if you’re looking for a fairly simple breakfast to make before the Bears games Sunday morning, this “slop” is a good option. If I am able to make it then you should be able to improve upon it.

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