After a long day of hanging out at the “Do Division Fest” and our friends house, we decided to just order food in and keep the evening low key. As our cab passed in the general vicinity of Pequod’s Pizza in Lincoln Park, we thought about jumping out and grabbing a pizza, but decided it would be better just to find something near Nick’s place. Once we got back to his condo we decided to see if Pequod’s would deliver that far north… and it turns out they will!

We haven’t been to Pequod’s since our all day drinking extravaganza last summer, so I was definitely looking forward to it. It made my top 5 chicago pizza places list that I put together a few months ago, so obviously I’m a fan. However, that list was based on the thin crust, since I’d never had their deep dish pizza. Now, I don’t know if it was because it was delivery or if maybe we accidentally ordered pan pizza, but this deep dish pizza was not as amazing as everyone said it would be. When it comes to pizza I’m normally a thin crust guy. I’m just now starting to eat more deep dish, but thin crust will always have my heart. I really only didn’t eat deep dish pizza because I thought all of them (no matter the restaurant) had large chunks of tomato in the sauce like Lou Malnati’s; and that’s the part I can’t stand. I do totally fine with uncooked tomatoes, but there’s just something about a warm tomato that doesn’t work for me.

Pequod’s apparently doesn’t have tomato chunks, so I agreed to order the deep dish instead of the thin crust… It was still good, don’t get me wrong, but there was so much crust to it that you could barely even taste the cheese or sauce. I honestly don’t even know that there was any sauce on it, it literally just tasted like cheesy bread to me. I would have much rather had the thin crust pizza that I know and love, but at least now I know I’m not missing anything by not getting the deep dish from Pequod’s.

Does anyone else not really like their deep dish? Am I just being crazy? Did we accidentally order the pan pizza? People rave about this pizza all the time, but I didn’t really see the appeal.

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