Corona Hard Seltzer vs. White Claw – Taste Test [Review]

corona seltzer vs white claw

Corona officially released their hard seltzer last week with a heavy marketing push even though the coronavirus threatens to push back on their brand a bit. And since we’re all about the hard seltzers here at Antifoodie, I decided to pick up a case and give them a try to see how they compared to other popular seltzers on the market.

I even went as far as to do videos of my first sips with all the flavor, and put together a review/reaction video for the YouTube channel that you can check out if you’re not up for reading about my thoughts here.

Corona Hard Seltzer Taste – First Impressions

Since I started putting out YouTube videos on the Antifoodie YouTube channel, I wanted to make sure that I recorded my first sips of all four flavors of the Corona Seltzer to ensure that I was giving a proper first reaction. However, seeing as how I usually make the videos during my lunch, or at night after the kids go to sleep, I didn’t really want to open up cans of all four flavors in order to make the video… nobody wants to waste alcohol. So instead, I decided to do three of the flavors “first impressions” on the Antifoodie Instagram story (and saved to the highlights), so you can check out those videos if you want to see my first impressions of the Cherry, Blackberry Lime, and Mango flavors.

If you want to see my first impression of the Tropical Lime, as well as my overall review video, you can check out the YouTube channel (or the video embedded below).

That being said, let’s talk about how they taste on their own before we compare them to White Claw.

First off, they aren’t bad. They are very light and very refreshing. Each can is only 90 calories and has 0 grams of sugar and carbs, which is less than the other leading brands. Those other popular brands like White Claw and Truly have 1-2 grams of sugar in their beverages. But in my case, that doesn’t really matter. Calorie counts and sugar content are not what I’m concerned about in my life right now. I’m actually trying to gain weight, not lose it, but I know those numbers are important to a lot of people, so I just wanted you to be aware of them.

In regards to alcohol content, the Corona Seltzers come in at 4.5% alcohol.

Now, regarding the flavors, they were all fairly decent. My only problem with them is they aren’t super flavorful. It reminded me a lot more of LaCroix than anything. There’s not really any sort of alcohol taste, which is nice, but there’s really only a slight hint of flavor within the cans. Even the mango flavor was weak, when most other brands mango flavor is super overpowering.

I will say that the Blackberry Lime and the Tropical Lime flavors were probably my favorite. I still prefer the Black Cherry flavors the other brands have over this normal Cherry flavor, and the mango was just alright.

That being said, let’s talk about how they stack up against the market leader – White Claw.

Corona Hard Seltzer vs. White Claw

I’m sorry Corona, but White Claw still reigns supreme in the world of hard seltzers… at least in my eyes.

As I mentioned above, the flavors of the Corona Seltzers was pretty weak. The drinks just taste like seltzer water with a very slight hint of flavor. I feel like the little bit of added sugar to the White Claw (2g) gives the flavors a little extra boost that the Corona Seltzer doesn’t have. I don’t think anyone is really going to throw a fit of 2 grams of sugar and 10 calories, so I think White Claw has the edge here still.

I did like the fact that Corona went a different route with their flavors and didn’t stick to the normal Black Cherry that everyone else has, so the Cherry flavor is a night little change. It’s still a very similar taste, but you can tell that it’s straight up Cherry flavor and not Black Cherry. And the Blackberry Lime is a nice little twist on the traditional lime flavor, which has quickly become my favorite flavor of hard seltzers. So that’s a plus.

Overall though I’m a bit disappointed in Corona. I thought they could see what White Claw was doing well and were going to come out of the gate swinging, but instead they came up with a soft bunch to the shoulder. The drinks are still tasty, don’t get me wrong, if they were the only thing in a cooler aside from beer, I would absolutely drink them, but there are lots of different hard seltzer options out there that are more flavorful that I would choose ahead of the Corona ones. Hell, even the Natty Light flavors pack more of a punch than the Corona ones… those things are delicious… don’t sleep on the Natty Light Seltzers.

So that’s about all I have to say about the Corona Hard Seltzers. They aren’t bad at all, I just don’t think they stack up to the other brands that have been dominating the market for the past year.

Are they worth a try? Absolutely, you may find that you like the toned down flavor a bit more than some of the other ones. Maybe you can drink more of them over the course of a day drinking session because they aren’t so sweet. Either way, I’m sure Corona will do ok in this space and I’m sure a lot of people will buy into the hype and try them out just to see how they compare. But I think most people are going to revert back to what they know is good in White Claw.

Let us know if you’ve tried the Corona Seltzers in the comments and let us know what you thought.

Also, we’ll be doing lots more hard seltzer reviews and random food reviews on the Antifoodie YouTube channel, so please subscribe if you haven’t already!

And if you want to see what other hard seltzers we’ve put up against White Claw, check out our Hard Seltzer Blind Taste Test article.

Update 3/17/20: We finally got a chance to try out White Claw’s Flavor Collection 2!

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  • hated Corona
    I’m a big fan of White Claw
    and I enjoy Truly, as well…in fact, all of them are good…EXCEPT CORONA!

    • It’s definitely the worst out of White Claw, Truly, and Bud Light, that’s for sure… although I taste tested Four Loko’s hard seltzer yesterday on the YouTube channel and it was absolutely disgusting. I’m not sure how they can even call that a hard seltzer. But yeah, the Corona ones don’t have much flavor… just tastes like seltzer water.


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