With Buffalo Wild wings absolutely jam packed for the Blackhawks game on Saturday night, we decided to head next door to Chilis despite my previous contraction of food poisoning from this same establishment. We grabbed three seats at the bar and ordered drinks while we perused our food options. The first thing that immediately stood out was the flatbread pizzas on the appetizer menu; I had no idea that Chilis had pizza. Normally when I come to Chilis I either get the crunchy chicken tacos or a burger (one of which made me sick last time). Knowing that neither of those dishes sat well with me last time, I wanted to try something different… but would the flatbread pizza be any better than a bacteria infested burger?

I wouldn’t have to find out because it turns out that Chilis has regular personal pan pizzas as well! Not that it really made that much a difference, I was just still weirded out by the fact that Chilis had pizza in general. I opted to give the straight pepperoni a shot while Nick ventured outside the box a little bit and went for the taco pizza, Mike got southwest eggrolls. When the pizzas arrived they looked absolutely delicious, but would they taste as good as they looked…? Actually, they tasted pretty good. The crust was buttery and just slightly burnt in the pan similar to the way Pequod’s is, there was plenty of cheese and they didn’t skimp on the pepperoni. As much as I don’t like to admit it, I was pretty impressed with the pizza from Chilis and would probably order it again. It doesn’t compare to an actual pizza place, but it’s close and didn’t get me sick, so it’s a win-win in my book.

Has anyone else tried it? Is this a really new thing or am I just behind on the times because I refused to go back to Chilis?

[image courtesy of The Pizza Fan]

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