Fred’s Garage in Winnetka Looks Amazing, But A Little Expensive…

griddle burger freds garage winnetka

When we heard that the folks behind one of our favorite neighborhood restaurants, Ten Mile House, were opening another restaurant in the area aimed at a more casual, family-oriented, feel, we knew we had to try it. Little did we know though, that we’d be leaving the Evanston Central street area before the new restaurant […]

Murray Bros. Caddyshack Restaurant Review – Good & Bad [Rosemont]

murray bros caddyshack restaurant rosemont

Bill Murray and his brothers decided to open up a second location of their Murray Bros. Caddyshack Restaurant in Rosemont, IL this past week, and they are immediately fighting an uphill battle. And it’s not because of the quality of the food, or the look and feel of the restaurant/bar itself, but rather the parking […]

Boba Burger in Morton Grove – Good Burgers [Meh Chicken Tenders]

bbq lechon burger morton grove

Since moving to Morton Grove about a year ago, we still haven’t ventured out and tried that many restaurants within the city limits. We’ve been to Pequod’s in Chicago a bunch of times, but still have yet to try the Morton Grove location. And as terrible as it is, we still have yet to try […]

Gibsons Italia Chicago [Spoiler Alert We Didn’t Eat Any Pasta]

gibsons italia chicago italian

Every year, for the past 8 or so years, our group of friends have gathered for a fancy night out in Chicago. It started off as a celebration of Nick’s birthday, but has slowly shifted to just an annual holiday dinner, after the holidays are over. This particular visit was back in January, I’ve just […]

Sweet Baby Rays Barbecue Restaurant – Wood Dale

sweet baby rays restaurant pulled pork ribs

A couple weeks ago some friends and I spent a nice day over at Top Golf. We had some beers, hit some golf balls, and enjoyed some delicious, yet dumb, single-serve nachos. What I failed to mention in that previous post about that day was that after we ate the nachos and were totally unsatisfied, we decided […]