Cabra Chicago Restaurant Review – COVID Edition

hot chorizo queso dip cabra chicago

It’s probably obvious by now that we haven’t been going out to eat at all recently. COVID is still very much a thing and up until recently, indoor dining in Illinois, and the Chicago area specifically, has been restricted. We could have gone out to eat and sat outside, or outside in an igloo on […]

Tavern on the Point Edison Park Review – COVID Edition

surf n turf tavern on the point edison park

I think I can count on one hand how many restaurants I’ve eaten at since the COVID pandemic started in March. Of those few restaurants I’ve been to, I haven’t eaten inside at any of them. Having seen this virus affect people I know, eating inside around a bunch of strangers isn’t really something I’m […]

Vacation Isn’t Complete Without a Personal Chef – Lake Geneva

filet mignon king crab legs lobster lake geneva

A couple of weeks ago we decided that we just needed to get out of town for a few days. Being stuck at home with two kids without being able to go anywhere was starting to take its toll. We didn’t want to travel far and we didn’t want to be around a lot of […]

Beatnik Chicago Restaurant – West Town – [Review] COVID Edition

beatnik chicago

With Illinois starting to open back up after the initial COVID-19 lockdown, I finally have a new restaurant to write about. I’ve been doing my part to stay inside and only going out if necessary for the past few months, so there hasn’t been much in the way of restaurant dining to publish on the […]