Bachelor Party, Bourbon Street, and Beignets in New Orleans

oysters crescent street brewhouse nola

Another weekend, another bachelor party for another brother… and just like the last bachelor party in Montreal, the focus wasn’t really on food so much as it was on alcohol. So if you’re looking for a post about the awesome food in New Orleans, you’re probably not going to find it here, but this will […]

Lobster and Bulgogi at the Evanston Food Truck Festival

happy lobster food truck chicago

A little over a year ago my brother’s good friends decided they wanted to do more with their lives. Actually, I’m not really sure if that’s true or not, but they all decided that they wanted to provide the public with amazing food instead of sitting in an office all day, thus The Happy Lobster food […]

Is Sushi Gluten Free?

gluten free sushi

More restaurants are becoming aware of the rapidly growing gluten-free population and are tailoring their menus to make sure all can enjoy their food. Whether you are gluten intolerant or just choosing to steer clear for dietary and health purposes, there is no need to miss out on your favorite meals. One of our favorite […]

Steaks, Seafood and Friends at Del Frisco’s Chicago

del friscos chicago steakhouse

Every year (for the past 4 years) we’ve gotten a group of friends together for a nice, overpriced, dinner out at a Chicago steakhouse. In the past we have visited such establishments as Mastro’s, Chicago Cut, and David Burke’s Primehouse; this year we made our way to Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse. As I’ve said […]

Thanksgiving: Turkey, BBQ Ribs and Fried Flounder

umi grill fried flounder

Thanksgiving has come and gone, and since it’s a feast of a celebration, I figured it was only right for me to write a quick post about the holiday. I know it’s been over a week since we all sat down with our families and went around the table saying what we were all thankful […]