“Ten Mile House” Restaurant Coming to Central Street in Evanston

ten mile house central station evanston restaurant

Final Update: Ten Mile House is now open and we had a chance to check it out, so here is my full review of what we ate, and I’m sure there will be updates each time we go back and try something new. It looks like the new Central Station apartment building is finally getting […]

Eating Our Way Through Italy: Venice

wine break venice

After staying in Rome for one night, we hopped on a train and made our way to Venice for the next two nights. Unfortunately for us, and this post, we didn’t get a prepaid SIM card for our phones until we arrived in Florence, which was after Venice, so I don’t have a Foursquare check-in […]

Eating Our Way Through Italy: Rome

rome italy wine pantheon

From May 1st to May 11th, Celeste and I galavanted around Italy drinking tons of wine, seeing some amazing sights, and of course, tasting the local cuisine. My parents were worried I wouldn’t find anything to eat, and a few people warned me not to expect pizza to be the same. But guess what, I […]

How Hard is it To Cut a Pizza Papa Johns?

papa johns pizza mishap

I returned home the other night ready to sit down to a quick dinner after which I would catch up on South Park and then get to bed early, it was a long day. Needless to say  I had to spend more time than I wanted to because apparently Papa Johns decided it wasn’t going […]

Smoke Stack Pizza and Pretzels at Revolution Brewing

smoke stack pizza revolution brewing chicago

I should just rename this site “I hate all food except for Pizza” since it seems like all I ever eat is pizza whenever we go to any restaurant. I eat pizza at least twice a week, on a slow week. I’m pretty sure I ate pizza 4 or 5 nights last week alone, not […]