Chicago Cut and Mastro’s – Are Fancy Steak Houses Really Worth It?

chicago cut mastros steak worth it expensive

I’ve never been a huge steak guy. I don’t mind steak, but I obviously can’t appreciate the true flavor of a steak since I like to drown my food in ketchup, BBQ or other sauces. Although I will admit that when we do go to some of these fancier steak places I try not to […]

Vegas “Secret Pizza” Not-So-Secret

secret pizza las vegas cosmopolitan

We spent our New Years Even in Vegas, baby, Vegas… yup, complete with the over quoting of movies like Swingers and The Hangover… plus we made up some of our own little quips. But aside from all of that, one of our main goals was to find, and eat, at the secret pizza place that […]

Real Chicagoans Don’t Put Ketchup On Hot Dogs…

lick my wiener

Get off your high horse… since when is it illegal for me to put ketchup on a hot dog? People who say this really annoy me, as if I don’t know a good Chicago hot dog because of the condiments I do, or do not, put on it.  Hot dog “aficionados” will tell you that […]

Piero’s Pizza Wilmette – Great Pizza, Bad Attitude

pepperoni pizza thin crust

Normally I wouldn’t take the time to write about such a local restaurant since the majority of people that end up on this site live nowhere near these places, but I’m going to make an exception for Piero’s Pizza in Wilmette. Seeing as how I hate cooking and lead a terribly unhealthy eating lifestyle it’s […]