RPM Italian – Chicago – It Was Fine

chicken parmesan rpm italian chicago

Fine is exactly the word I would use to describe RPM Italian in Chicago. The food was good, for sure, but was it amazing? Not really. At the same time though, as long as you don’t order a steak, the prices are very reasonable. For the first time since STK, we ventured down into Chicago […]

Italian Beef, Burgers and Pizza – Moretti’s Morton Grove Review

spaghetti combo morettis morton grove

Oh Moretti’s Morton Grove, I have a feeling we’re going to be seeing a lot of each other. Mainly because you have a pretty sweet patio, but also because your food isn’t half bad. So we decided to spend our entire weekend with you just so I could come here and tell you about the food and […]

Saranello’s Restaurant Wheeling – Better Than I Was Expecting

spaghetti and meatballs saranellos wheeling

I made the mistake, or rather, choice, to go on to Yelp and read only the negative reviews of Saranello’s in Wheeling on Sunday, before we went there for dinner. I think I read only the negative ones because I felt like all I’ve been doing is praising the restaurants we’ve been going to lately, and […]