Porterhouse, Fried Chicken, and Waffles at Fremont Chicago

hot fried chicken platter fremont chicago

The in-laws offered to watch the baby on Saturday night so we decided to head down to River North to grab some dinner with a couple good friends. We let Iman choose the restaurant because, well, Iman eats at a lot of restaurants and knows whats up in the area… That, and we trust his […]

Bacon-Chocolate Pancakes at Flo in Noble Square

bacon chocolate pancakes at flo chicago

With our office being so close to Flo, it’s no wonder we end up eating there at least 3 times a week. And even though we eat there so often, there’s enough good food on the menu that you never have to eat the same thing twice in one week, if you choose; of course […]

Cantina Laredo with a Side of Chicken and Waffles

chicagos home of chicken and waffles evanston

A coupe weeks ago Celeste and I celebrated our 1.5 year wedding anniversary, and in honor of the special day we decided to finally use one of the gift cards my brothers got us for Christmas last year. Along with that, I also picked up an anniversary-sized version of our wedding cake… Now I know […]

Easy To Make Breakfast: Bacon, Eggs, Hash Brown Slop

bacon eggs hash brown slop breakfast

I don’t know what to exactly call this slop of a mess I made for breakfast yesterday, but my mom made it for us all the time growing up, and still makes it to this day. I’m just going to refer to it as slop, but it’s basically just bacon, hash browns and eggs all […]