The Dagwood Challenge at The Ohio Deli and Restaurant

the dagwood challenge

Named after Dagwood from the Blondie comic strip, The Dagwood Challenge is a massive sandwich that is one of the biggest cold cut sandwiches I’ve ever seen in my life. I have no doubt in my mind that there is no way all this food could fit in my tiny little stomach, but for those […]

Big Ugly Burger Challenge at Bub’s Burgers and Ice Cream

bubs big ugly burger food challenge

Most burger challenges that we come across are ridiculously large single burgers, but this one is a series of burgers. It may not seem as intimidating as some of the other ones, but with almost 6 lbs of meat this one is sure to fill your stomach. At the time of the shows taping only […]

Atomic Hot Wing Challenge at Quaker Steak and Lube

atomic wings challenge quaker steak and lube

I know how you guys love wing challenges so I figured it was time to throw out another classic Man v. Food hot wing challenge, although in this case I may be a little late. I’m not sure if this challenge even exists anymore as the website for Quaker Steak and Lube now lists an […]

The Burger Challenges at Denny’s Beer Barrel Pub [Pennsylvania]

burger challenges dennys beer barrel pub

If you’re looking for 5 burger challenges all under the same roof then the only place you’re going to find them is at Denny’s Beer Barrel Pub. Starting with a 2 pound burger challenge going all the way up to a 123 pounder… Although the 50 pound “Beer Barrel Belly Bruiser” and the 123 pound […]

Eagle’s Challenge at Eagle’s Deli and Restaurant

eagles challenge food challenge

If you don’t live in Pennsylvania, but are still looking for a place to consume your choice of burger challenges then Eagle’s Deli and Restaurant near Boston is your place! You have 5 burger challenges to choose from ranging from the Eagle’s challenge, which has 5 lbs of beef, all the way down to the […]