How I Survived the Low FODMAP Diet

low fodmap no garlic onion

Back in January I wrote about how I was determined to get to the bottom of my stomach issues. I have had colonoscopies, endoscopies, blood tests, etc., and all of them had come back inconclusive or negative for major diseases (crohn’s, celiac, etc.) so after speaking with an allergist we decided to give the low […]

BFree Wheat Free & Gluten Free Bread Review

bfree foods gluten free wheat free review

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about how I have been dealing with some digestive issues in the past, and how, more recently, they have started to become more of a problem. I went and saw an allergist to get some advice on where to start since I know it’s gotta be my diet that’s […]

Bulgogi Marinaded BBQ Short Ribs Recipe

bulgogi marinaded bbq short ribs recipe

We didn’t make it out to any new restaurants this weekend, but only because it was Memorial Day. We did spend a nice Saturday night eating outside at Ten Mile House, but I’ve written about them before, and ordered the same thing we always order and it was delicious, as usual. However, even though we didn’t […]

Our First Experience with Blue Apron

blue apron potstickers impressions

After a friend of ours sent us an invite for a free weeks worth of meals through Blue Apron, we decided that there was no reason not to try it so we setup an account and eagerly awaited our first shipment. Blue Apron is a delivery service that specializes in pre-portioned, pre-measured dinners that are […]

Thanksgiving: Turkey, BBQ Ribs and Fried Flounder

umi grill fried flounder

Thanksgiving has come and gone, and since it’s a feast of a celebration, I figured it was only right for me to write a quick post about the holiday. I know it’s been over a week since we all sat down with our families and went around the table saying what we were all thankful […]