Most burger challenges that we come across are ridiculously large single burgers, but this one is a series of burgers. It may not seem as intimidating as some of the other ones, but with almost 6 lbs of meat this one is sure to fill your stomach. At the time of the shows taping only 3 people had completed all 4 burgers, sadly Adam was not one of them. But never fear, even if you finish just one you get yourself immortalized on the wall of fame and a picture on their Facebook page.

Big Ugly Burger Food Challenge

Big Ugly Burger Challenge consists of a 1.5 lb burger, but that doesn’t seem like a challenge. The more burgers you eat the better the reward.

Food Challenge Rules/Prizes

Time Limit: None
People: 1
Prize: Eat 1 get a 3×5 picture that will stay up all year and taken down at the beginning of the year. Eat 2 get a 4×6 that will stay up forever. Eat 3 get an 8×10 that will stay up forever. Eat 4 gets you a life size picture.
Rules: I don’t recall any official rules being mentioned, but ask your server before attempting this challenge. A reader informed us of some of the rules, these aren’t verified by us so just make sure to inquire before you begin, thanks Jeremy; Just eat everything on your plate. You have the option to not have lettuce, tomato, onion etc. and still win.


Bub’s Burgers and Ice Cream
210 W. Main Street
Carmel, In 46032
317.706.2827 |

[image courtesy of Accidental Decorator, Prize/Rules provided by Jeremy]

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