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Best Fast Food Meatball Subs

best fast food meatball subs

More often than not when I go to a sub shop I get a meatball sub rather than a typical cold cut sandwich. It’s not that I don’t like deli meats, cause I do, but I just like meatballs and cheese more, so I decided to give a rundown of some of the fast food sub shops in my area and compare their meatball subs. Now most of these are your typical “fast food” type of sub shops as I wanted to make the article relevant to most people, but I realize that places like Potbelly and Jersey Mike’s may not be available across the entire country, and I know there are non-fast food sub shops that probably have much better meatball subs than these places.

So let’s get to it! And yes, these are in order from least favorite to favorite.

potbelly meatball sub

#4 – Potbelly Sandwich Works

Despite being #4 on the list, Potbelly’s meatball subs are not the worst thing in the world. The sandwich consists of meatballs and provolone cheese and of course whatever sandwich toppings you want (lettuce, tomato, etc). For the sake of argument, I only get these sandwiches with meatballs and cheese so I’m basing this list on the core ingredients. Potbelly recently added a larger sized sandwich to the menu where as before it was only the regular size, which is a little on the small size (smaller than subway’s 6″ subs). So that would have been my first issue with Potbelly’s meatball sub (the size), but the introduction of a larger size negates that point.  As for the meatballs themselves, they are pretty good, kind of smaller and can be hit or miss on taste depending on how long they’ve been sitting in the warmer/sauce, but most of the time they are pretty good. I will say that I’m not a huge fan of the sauce that the meatballs are in, mostly the fact that there are huge chunks of tomatoes in the sauce and I can’t stand that. I don’t like biting into a meatball sub and getting a huge chunk of tomato instead. The provolone cheese is good and melts nicely on the bread since the subs are all toasted so I can’t complain there. The price is around $5.50 for the regular, so I’d say it’s a little expensive seeing as how the regular is pretty small.

So while it’s not the worst sandwich in the world, it wouldn’t be my first choice for a meatball sub if the other places on this list were available.

quiznos meatball sub

#3. Quiznos

I was a huge fan of Quiznos’ meatball subs for a long time, but the price drove me away. Like Potbelly, the price is a little on the high side. For a regular sub at Quiznos it was like $6.xx (I don’t know the exact numbers because the one near my work closed a while ago), and if I recall it’s still a bit smaller than Subway’s 6″ sub (although it may just seem that way). Again, like Potbelly, the subs are all toasted so the cheese is nice and melty when it comes time to eat and the meatballs are bigger, full meatballs, similar to Subway, but again they throw chunks of tomato into the sauce… ugh, and the provolone cheese is pretty good too. Now when I first started getting the meatball sub from Quiznos they were delicious, but then something changed. Apparently they started using different meatballs at some locations and the new meatballs were absolutely terrible. Luckily it seemed as though the store by my work still used the old meatballs so I continued to eat them, but fast forward a few months and the meatball sub was completely off the menu. I don’t know the reasoning behind the removal of the sandwich, but it was gone for probably a good year or so before I started seeing all these advertisements saying they were bringing it back for a new low price. So with that, I continued to eat the meatball sub at Quiznos and, while it was a bit cheaper, it still wasn’t that cheap for what you get.

subway meatball sub

#2 – Subway

Subway is like that friend you had growing up, but then grew away from once you graduated high school, but you always know they are still there if you need someone to talk to. I will admit though, the meatball subs at Subway are hit or miss when it comes to taste. They do not toast the subs by default (they will ask if you want it toasted) and I don’t even get it toasted, but since they offer it un-toasted the meatballs need to be kept pretty warm throughout the day which can lead to some burnt tasting, nasty-ass meatballs. We eat lunch at work pretty early, so it’s rare for me to get a bad meatball sub during the week, but if you go in towards the end of the night and happen to get an old meatball that’s been floating around in the sauce for the whole day, you may end up with a nasty one. That aside, the meatballs are pretty good, the sauce is pretty good (no large chunks of tomato) and I usually get this sub with white American cheese, which is absolutely delicious. I’m also a fan of the bread, usually white for me, as it always seems lighter and softer than Potbelly and Quiznos, but that could have to do with the toasted vs. un-toasted, but either way I still like the bread at Subway better. And of course the $5 footlong deal is amazing and you can’t beat it.

Overall, when in doubt I always go with Subway since you can find one on pretty much every corner and my #1 pick is not a nationwide chain yet.

jersey mikes meatball sub

#1 – Jersey Mike’s

Jersey Mike’s just recently opened up near my work and I’ve been hooked since the first time we went. I’ll get to the meatball sub in a minute, but all of the sandwiches seem a lot fresher and tastier than any of the other sub shops I’ve been to. My co-worker has gotten the philly cheese steak sub from both Subway and Jersey Mike’s and I can tell you right now that Subway does not cut off steak and cook it on a flat grill right in front of you, actually I believe they just throw some old withery steak into an industrial microwave for a minute or so, then slap it on a sandwich. Well Jersey Mike’s does cook theirs on a flat grill as soon as you order. Sure it takes a minute or so longer to get your sandwich, but the quality is well worth the wait. Even their deli meat and cheese is all sliced right in front of you. Now obviously that doesn’t mean it hasn’t been sitting there for days, but at least it gives you the illusion that it’s all fresh, but enough of that, let’s get to the meatball.

Jersey Mike’s is again a little on the expensive side (around $6.50), but the sub seems a little bigger than the 6″ sub from Subway and the quality is much better. The meatballs are giant meatballs that are cut into quarters and placed on the bread which is covered in provolone cheese and then slathered with sauce (that has no tomato chunks). The bread itself is similar to Subway, but seems even fresher (if that’s possible). The cheese melts almost instantly creating a gooey goodness that only a non-lactose intolerant person should love (but I love it all the same) and the meatballs and sauce have a blend of seasoning and spices that are leagues above the other places. And it doesn’t hurt that they have a couple cute girls working there.

So if you have one in your area and you’re looking for a good meatball sub on the quick, I highly suggest checking out Jersey Mike’s.

So what did I miss? What other “fast food” type sub shops have meatball subs that I’ve been missing out on? Let me know in the comments.

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  • What are your thoughts on the Firehouse Subs meatball giant? I’m a huge meatball fan and am always down to try new places. Firehouse has a tremendously tasty and cheesy sub that is really yo die for! Yeah, you have a bit more to pay for it, but it is by far the best for the value! Try it and follow up!

    • whoa, honestly, I’ve never even set foot in a Firehouse Subs, but I know there are a few near me. I’ll have to check it out one of these days. This post was written quite a long time ago, so I’m sure it’s due for an update. Thanks for the tip!

      • Firehouse Sub meatball by far the best; Jersey Mikes is my favorite sub shop. However, their meatball is not toasted (bun or otherwise) which makes it a distant second to Firehouse – quality of meatballs, sauce, toasted bun and toasted melted cheese …. no comparison!

        • I’m definitely going to have to try Firehouse Subs soon, but I actually prefer the buns to be untoasted. I love that soggy, marinara-soaked bun, oozing all over the plate as I eat the sandwich.

        • I agree. Firehouse serves an excellent meatball sub, even spicy for that extra kick. Actually they have a great menu of sandwiches but the meats are steamed then toasted. You a quality product but pricey as well.
          The hot sauce selection is also top notch..Everything from 0-10…

  • Hahha I’m glad someone wrote about meatball subs. ???????????? I miss hungry howie meatball calzones and I only have a subway in this tiny town. Guess I’ll make my own.

    • Fast food meatball subs have been my favorite sub for a long time. Subway has gone downhill over the years, but Jersey Mike’s still fits the need. Love a good meatball sub.

      • I worked for Subway while in high school. You are right. The place has really suffered. It fit the need fir a quick $5 lunch if there weren’t any other sub shops near..

        Your thoughts on Jimmy John’s?

        • I don’t mind Jimmy John’s when looking for a cold sub, but I’m super basic when I get sandwiches from there. A lot of time it’s just a basic ham and cheese, but I’ve had the BLT and the turkey club and enjoyed them. Unfortunately I can’t have raw tomatoes anymore, which annoys me, but also makes my sandwiches pretty boring. But in general I like their ham and cheese haha.

  • Jersey mikes has great meatball subs, but I believe firehouse subs deserves the #1 spot! Firehouse Subs meatballs are outstanding. I never feel like I’m eating gross meatballs when I goto firehouse. They always taste good, have great consistency, and i’ve never had an urge to spit them out like I have when I goto subway. If you haven’t tried firehouse, I urge you try!

    • Thanks for the comment Matty, I don’t think that I’ve had their meatball yet, so I’ll have to give it a try. I wrote this article a long time ago, so I’m sure there are better meatball subs that have popped up since then… probably a good time to refresh.

  • Jersey Mike’s no longer serves meatballs. Thanks for reminding me what I’m now missing out on. Only Gene’s Grinders in the Los Angeles County area has great meatball subs now. :-/

    • what?!?! Since when? I haven’t had Jersey Mike’s in a little while now (this article was written a long time ago), but that just made me pretty sad.


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