A few weeks ago Mike, Iman and I made our way over towards The Riviera Theater to check out the Childish Gambino concert. Before going to the venue, and waiting in the ridiculously long line, we decided to grab some food around the corner at a bar called The Reservoir.

The Reservoir has an upscale feel to it, with a cool atmosphere and great food, as well as a bunch of TV’s that, at this point, were playing college basketball. The bar was fairly empty at 6PM on a Wednesday night, which made it easy for us to get in and out so we didn’t miss the beginning of the concert… although that wouldn’t have matter, because the opening DJ was absolutely terrible. We sat down and ordered drinks; Captain and Coke and Whiskey’s all around, the usual, and then started looking at the menu. I didn’t really feel like having a burger, but I wasn’t really sure what else I wanted… until those magic words caught my eye; bacon wrapped hot dog.

I’m a huge proponent that anything wrapped in bacon makes it infinitely better, and what better to wrap in bacon than a hot dog. I’ve made many a francheezie in the comfort of my own home, but I always love trying bacon wrapped dogs outside of my kitchen. I was so distracted by the thought of a bacon wrapped hot dog that I didn’t really pay attention to what actually came on the dog itself; homemade relish and apple mustard. Ok, I like relish so that shouldn’t be a problem, and I like yellow mustard, but not dijon mustard, or brown mustard, so I rolled the dice and decided to just go with the apple mustard.

The hot dog arrived with heaping amounts of homemade relish and apple mustard. If I didn’t like this thing it was going to make for a really drunk night at the concert since I wouldn’t have any food in my stomach. Thankfully the relish and the apple mustard were both delicious, my only complaint is that there was just way too much relish, I had to scrape a good amount of it off just so I could eat the thing. I’d highly recommend giving this thing a try, it had the perfect amount of hot dog and bacon, which is a win in my book. The apple mustard was basically just a sweet sauce that didn’t even really taste like mustard, more like apple sauce, but either way, it was all delicious.

So if you’re looking for a cool bar with great food to watch a game or just hang out after work, check out The Reservoir.

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