5 Best Insulated Coffee Mugs For Your Home

best insulated coffee mug

With winter in full swing there’s nothing worse than going to take a sip of coffee and being surprised by ice cold liquid hitting your lips. Unless of course you’re drinking iced coffee, but in the case where you’re expecting nice hot coffee to pour from your mug, getting the opposite can ruin your day.

If you commute to your job every day, and you’re a coffee lover, we’re pretty sure that you’ve already invested in a nice double insulated travel tumbler for your coffee. If not though, we’ve done a great write-up in the past that outlines just a few stainless steel, double-insulated tumblers that are sure to keep your coffee warm (or your iced coffee cold) all the way to your office, and well into the day.

But since we’ve already focused on those stainless steel insulated coffee mugs, or tumblers, we’ve decided to focus on double wall insulated coffee mugs that you can use around your house.

What’s the difference you ask?

While you can certainly use a stainless steel tumbler around your house, we tend to prefer the taste of our coffee in a ceramic or glass mug. Sure, it could be all in our heads, but there’s something about drinking out of glass that makes things taste so much better.

So with that in mind, we’ve gone through and put together this list of our favorite insulated coffee mugs that are perfect for use around your home.

These won’t do well in the car, or on the move, but if you’re just looking to enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning, or after dinner, then these are great to have in your cabinets.

Best Insulated Glass Coffee Mugs

JoyJolt Caleo Collection Glass Coffee Cups

joyjolt insulated coffee mugWe love the JoyJolt Caleo collection because they are fun and different looking. Almost every mug on this list looks just like that… a mug, but these glasses offer a slightly different take on the traditional design. The glasses are curved in a manner that, not only looks cool but also feels great in your hand as you hold it.

These glasses hold 13 ounces of liquid and are double-wall insulated, like all of the mugs on this list. Double-wall insulated ensures that the liquid on the inside remains hot (or cold), while the outside of the glass remains cool to the touch. In the case of cold drinks, it also prevents the outside of the glass for sweating. Which is perfect if you refuse to use coasters on your wood tables.

The JoyJolt glasses are microwave safe as well as dishwasher safe. I mean, it’s basically just glass, so it can handle the same sort of wear and tear that your normal glasses endure on a daily basis.

These are probably our favorite of the glasses on the list, only because they are just different enough to stand out against the pack. They would make a great addition to your coffee arsenal.

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Stone & Mill Double Walled Glass Coffee Cups

stone and mill double wall coffee mugThe Stone & Mill insulated glass coffee cups have some of the best build quality of any of the insulated glasses on this list. They are some of the thickest glasses, which does add to the feel of the glass, but also helps keep things hot/cold for as long as possible.

The Venezia Collection, as we’re featuring on this list, holds ~9 ounces of liquid, which makes them perfect for cappuccino, latte, espresso, macchiato, and even tea. Of course you can always use them for straight up coffee as well, there’s nothing saying you can’t. Hell, you could even fill these things up with beer if you want. But no matter what you decide to put in the cup, these will keep the liquid hot/cold no matter what.

These glasses, just like the JoyJolt glasses, are microwave safe, dishwasher safe, and refrigerator safe. So no matter what sort of temperatures you want to throw at them, they should survive… of course don’t hold a blowtorch to them or throw them in the oven. I’m pretty sure they won’t survive if you expose them to extreme heats, but your normal, every day use cases should be just fine.

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Eparé Insulated Coffee Cups

epare insulated coffee mugI honestly don’t know what else to say about the rest of the cups on this list… I mean, they are all double-wall insulated glass coffee cups, and they basically do the same thing.

These Eparé glasses are probably the best option if you’re looking for a more traditional coffee mug design. And on top of that, they are probably the best, overall looking and feeling, if you’re into that traditional look.

As we said above, we really liked the JoyJolt ones because they look different, but different isn’t always better. These glasses are elegant, they feel great in your hands, and as with all the other glasses on this list, they will keep your coffee hot for long periods of time.

The Eparé hold 12 ounces of liquid, so slightly more than the 9 oz. from the Stone & Mill cups, and basically the same as the JoyJolt classes.

If you’re looking for a gift for our parents or grandparents this holiday season, these would be the glasses I would go with. Nothing fancy, just quality.

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BTäT- Insulated Cappuccino Cups

btat insulated cappuccino glassesThe above cups could all be used for whatever coffee-type drink you wanted to throw at them. And while these glasses from BTäT could be used for normal coffee, they are a bit on the small size.

These insulated glass cups are better suited for drinks like cappuccino and espresso. Coming it at only 6 ounces they aren’t going to hold a ton of liquid, but they will provide just as much insulation as the other glasses on this list.

These would be perfect for your home espresso bar, or just to have for that after dinner cappuccino. And as with all the other glasses on our list, they are microwave safe, dishwasher safe, and freezer safe. They’ll keep your drink hot, while keeping your hands cool.

Why burn your hands with a traditional coffee mug, when you can drink a piping hot cup of espresso without having to worry about the back of your fingers grazing the cup and scalding your skin… ugh, so not worth it.

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Kitchables 15 oz. Insulated Coffee Mug

kitchables insulated coffee glassSometimes you just want a huge cup of coffee… and there’s where these Kitchables double wall insulated glass coffee mugs come into play.

Coming in at a whooping 15 ounces, these mugs can certainly double for your Sunday afternoon beer during the football games, in addition to that late night cup of coffee you’ll need to try and sober up after watching games all day.

While these are probably the most boring glasses on this list, we wanted to include them just for the sheer size of them. All of the other glasses on the list range from 6 ounces to 13 ounces, so these beat out the next closes by a solid 2 ounces of liquid. They are also less expensive than some of the other options on the list.

So if you’re looking for something that can double as just a go to glass for any beverage, these are probably your best bet.

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We truly believe that anyone who drinks any beverage, which is every human being on the planet, should have at least one good double wall insulated glass or tumbler out of which to drink said beverages.

Stainless steel or glass, it doesn’t matter, by purchasing a cup like this you’re not only prolonging how long your drinks stay hot, or cold, but you’re also saving the environment by not having to use styrofoam cups, or plastic bottles anymore.

I have double-wall insulated glasses for every occasion. I have a the JoyJolt glasses mentioned above for coffee drinks (mainly for guests though, since I don’t drink coffee), I have Bodum Pavina glasses for beer and wine, and I have an RTIC Tumbler for my water.

Each glass holds a different type of liquid, but each beverage receptacle maintains the proper temperature for the proper liquid, no matter what it is.

I seriously cannot recommend these glasses enough if you’re serious about beverages, or if you know someone that is. These make excellent gifts for that person that has everything…

It’s also something that nobody realizes they needed until they can’t live without it.


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