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21 Kitchen Gadgets You Didn’t Realize You Needed [2020]

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Amazon is full of crazy products that you’ve never heard of, but some of these products are actually quite useful. I’ve purchased a bunch of them for our home and sometimes it’s hard to believe that we got by without them over the years.

If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen and you’re looking for some gadgets to help make your life a little easier, for very reasonable prices, then these products below might be worth looking in to.

Kitchen Gadgets You Can’t Live Without

Avocado Slicer

OXO Good Grips 3-in-1 Avocado Slicer - Green
  • All in one tool splits, pits and slices avocados
  • Stainless steel pitter removes pit with one quick twist

My wife and kids love avocados (me, not so much), but I would always end up cringing when my wife was trying to take the pit/seed out. She would be digging around with a comically large knife, almost cutting her fingers off on multiple occasions. Finally I got sick of thinking we were going to have to go to the emergency room every time she wanted to make guacamole, so I found her this incredible avocado cutting/pitter/slicer. This thing acts as a knife to cut the outer skin, a pitter mechanism for safely removing the pit/seed, and a slicer for easily pulling the inside out into strips.

This is probably the best gadget on this list, since we use it all the time and it’s taken so much stress out of my life..

Cherry Pitter

OXO Good Grips Cherry and Olive Pitter, Red
  • Generous cup holds Bing, Rainier and other large cherries
  • Recessed design also allows you to pit smaller cherries

Apparently those bright red cherries that you get on ice cream sundaes aren’t in fact “real” cherries… or at least that’s not how they grow in the wild. Who knew? I guess real cherries have pits in them that you have to eat around or dig out before popping them in your mouth. It seems like a lot of work to me, and it was preventing us from giving them to our kids a lot, since it took so much work to dig the pits out.

But not anymore!!! This cherry pitter device is amazing. You basically just pop a cherry into it, pull the trigger and it pops the pit right out. The best part is the kids love using it, so we don’t even have to deal with it at all.

So if you’re looking for an easy way to remove the pits from real cherries (instead of just popping maraschino cherries all day) this gadget is incredible!

Strawberry Huller

Chef'n Original Stem Gem Strawberry Huller, Red/Green -
  • PERFECT GADGET FOR THE JOB: Quickly and easily de-stem strawberries and other soft fruits and vegetables in seconds.
  • FUN FRUIT PREP: With a push of a button and a simple twist, the whole family will have a berry good time hulling as many strawberries, mini bell peppers or other soft vegetables as you’d like.

My wife used to spend so much time hulling her strawberries it was starting to get ridiculous. She would take a small paring knife and meticulously dig out the stems from each strawberry, trying as hard as she could to not cut any of the actual fruit out. Me, on the other hand, would just take the knife and lop off the top of the strawberry and be done with it. With this strawberry huller, you just jam it in, release, and pull out the stem. It leaves more of the fruit than I would when cutting the tops off, and it takes far less time than my wife digging them out.

Banana Slicer

Guyuyii Banana Slicer for Kitchen Tools, ABS + Stainless Steel Fruit Salad Peeler Cutter, Easy Handle 2.1x1.8x7.1 Inch Kids Vegetable Chopper, Dishwasher Safe for Cucumber, Sausage, Strawberry, Grape
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - Customer satisfaction is our highest priority, if for any reason you are not completely satisfied with our product we will immediately provide you a full refund (or replace...
  • Easy to Use-Perfectly slice whole bananas in seconds with this valuable kitchen tool. To use, just hold over a bowl or plate and squeeze the handle for dozens of uniform banana slices.

This one may not be quite as useful as the two kitchen gadgets above, since bananas are pretty easy to deal with in general, but it’s still a look little product. It allows you to quickly slice up a banana into smaller pieces without having to use a knife… it’s pretty self explanatory.

Vegetable Chopper

LHS Vegetable Chopper, Pro Onion Chopper Slicer Dicer Cutter - Cheese & Veggie Chopper - Food Chopper Dicer with 5 Blades (Green)
  • ▶【Ergonomic Design】Ergonomic Design Premium Manual Salad Chopper. The Blades Allows Flexibility To Easily Cut, Slice, Dice, Chop Fruits & Vegetables In Shapes & Sizes For Minimum Time.
  • ▶【High Quality】The Vegetable Chopper Blades Is Made Of 301-Grade Stainless Steel. Onion Chopper Container Made From BPA-Free Professional Grade and Heavy Duty Reinforced Food Grade ABS with...

Never worry about cutting onions, or any vegetable for that matter, ever again with this vegetable chopper. Just shove the vegetables under the chopping mechanism, pull it down, and BAM, instant chopped vegetables. It even comes with a bunch of different attachments so you can slice your veggies different ways.

Pulled Pork Claws

Even though I don’t have a smoker, I love making pulled pork in the crockpot. The only thing I don’t like is having to use two forks to pull it apart. Maybe if I did have one of those fancy smokers it would just fall apart like I see on all those BBQ tv shows, but unfortunately it doesn’t quite do that at home. However, these pulled pork shredders make the job a lot easier. They have bigger teeth(?) than a fork and handles that make you feel like wolverine as you tear through the pork shoulder with ease.

If you’re into making pulled pork, whether on a smoker or just in a crockpot, you’ll love these pulled pork shredders.

Watermelon Slicer

Watermelon Windmill Cutter Slicer [Original] - Weetiee Auto Stainless Steel Melon Cuber Knife - Fun Fruit Vegetable Salad Quickly Cut Tool, Best Gift For Girls Mom Friends, Must Have Kitchen Gadget
  • 【GET YOUR WATERMELON SQUARES IN A SECOND】Just a single push, you will get some small watermelon cubes in a second, and it do not get your hands dirty. Whether you have a party with friends or go...
  • 【FASTEST AND FUNNY CYCLONE BLADE】Even a child can make a large plate of watermelon cubes in seconds. Pushing gently, the swirling cyclone blade will automatically cut the watermelon slices into...

There are a few different types of watermelon slicers out there that will all help you slice up a watermelon if you don’t want to just use a big ass knife, but this one is by far the the coolest. After you get the watermelon sliced open, this tool will go through and carve out little watermelon chunks for you! So instead of spending all that time cutting larger slices down into cubes, you just jam this thing into the melon and let it do its thing!

Wine Cooler Koozie

Huski Wine Cooler | Premium Iceless Wine Chiller | Keeps Wine Cold up to 6 Hours | Award Winning Design | New Wine Accessory | Fits Some Champagne Bottles | Perfect Gift for Wine Lovers (Stainless)
  • KEEPS WINE CHILLED UP TO 6 HOURS - A next generation ice bucket. Cold wine stays at the perfect temperature longer. The ultimate wine accessory whether you’re at home, around the BBQ, on the boat or...
  • MULTI-AWARD WINNING DESIGN - Good Design Award Winner 2019, Best Design Awards Silver 2019 & Best New Product, People's Choice Awards 2019, NZ Gift Fair.

It was only a matter of time before they started making these koozies big enough to hold an entire bottle of wine! No longer do you have to keep opening the fridge and taking out the white wine anytime someone needs a refill. With this Wine Cooler, you can just leave the bottle on the counter and it will stay cool for up to 6 hours!

Air Fryer

Ninja AF101 Air Fryer, 4 Qt, Black/gray
  • Now enjoy guilt free food; Air fry with up to 75 percent less fat than traditional frying methods; Tested against hand cut, deep fried French fries
  • Wide temperature range: 105 degree Fahrenheit to 400 degrees Fahrenheit allows you to gently remove moisture from foods or quickly cook and crisp foods with convection heat

Personally I still don’t own an air fryer, but my parents do and they love it. I know there are tons of videos and stuff out there of people making all sorts of foods in their air fryer, but personally I think I would just use it for french fries. Throw some frozen fries in there, cook them up, and then dip them in some melted Merkts cheddar and I’d be in heaven! Of course, there are plenty of things you can make in an air fryer and it requires far less oil than actually frying anything. So if you’re looking for a healthier way to fry up foods, you should definitely check this out.

Microwave Omelet Maker

Progressive International Omelette Maker, 4 Eggs, Yellow
  • QUICK AND EASY: The Prep Solutions by Progressive Microwave Omelet Maker can create a quick and delicious omelet for breakfast, as a snack or dinner in the microwave
  • ENJOY IN MINUTES: Just add eggs and filling to our microwave omelet maker, place in the microwave and in minutes enjoy a perfect omelet

If you don’t want to bust out a frying pan in order to cook up an omelet, this might be right up your alley. Basically you just throw your ingredients into the omelet maker, close it up and throw it in the microwave. After a few minutes your eggs will be cooked, with your veggies and other ingredients inside, and you can take it out and eat it. It’s never been easier to make an omelet.

Microwave Pasta Cooker

Microwave Pasta Cooker- The Original Fasta Pasta (Red)- Quickly Cooks up to 4 Servings- No Mess, Sticking or Waiting For Boil- Perfect Al Dente Pasta Every Time- For Dorms, Small Kitchens, or Offices
  • Cook perfect pasta faster than ever with the Fasta Pasta Microwave Cooker! Same as the Original Fasta Pasta, now in a stylish Red color! A must-have for people living in high altitude- cook perfect al...
  • The perfect way to enjoy home cooked pasta without the waiting and hassle. No more waiting for water to boil, and no more messy clean up!

We’ve definitely had a few times where we were planning to make pasta with dinner and then just totally forgot to boil the water, and by the time we realized it was too late. If only we had this microwave pasta cooker our dinner would have been saved. No longer do you have to wait for the water to boil on the stove, just throw it all in this pasta cooker, toss it in the microwave, and let it do the work. In a few minutes you’ll have cooked pasta ready to eat.

Pizza Cutter Wheel

Kitchy Pizza Cutter Wheel - Super Sharp and Easy To Clean Slicer, Kitchen Gadget with Protective Blade Guard (Green)
  • SLICE ANY PIZZA LIKE A PRO – This pizza cutter will leave you shocked with how easy it is to get a nice, clean cut through your pizza. With its ergonomic handle and flawless finish, you won’t have...
  • SUPER SHARP AND FITS IN THE PALM OF YOUR HAND - Why waste money on bulky pizza rockers that don’t even fit in your kitchen cabinet when you can simply get this unique design that easily fits in your...

A normal pizza cutter works fine, and this pizza cutter wheel probably won’t be necessary if you already have one, but it is safer. It has a plastic guard that protects the blade and is super easy to clean. So if you’re in the market for a new pizza cutter, this may be a good option. If you’re not looking for a new one, then your old one will probably do just fine.

Corn Stripper

Corn Peeler, Corn Cob Stripper Tools Good Grips Corn Cutter Off Cob Remover - Stainless Steel Serrated Vertical Blade
  • Material: Corn peeler blade is made of durable stainless steel, Can be used for a longer time
  • Vertical Blade: Corn stripper with serrated vertical blade can easily peel off the corn

Anytime we make corn on the cob at my house, the kids refuse to eat it the right way. They make us cut the corn off of the cob so they can eat it with a fork… I mean, come on! While you can use a knife to cut the corn off the cob, why risk cutting your fingers when you can use this handy Corn Stipper tool. It’s easy to use, much safer, and you end up getting more of the corn off the cob anyways. It seems like a no brainer!

Whale Strainer

Genuine Fred BIG BLUE Whale Strainer
  • Genuine Fred Big Blue is a big help in the kitchen
  • Sure, harbor seals are charming and Dolphins are smart; but when it's time to strain the pasta from your big pot only a whale will do

Don’t worry, this isn’t for straining your whales, it’s just a pot strainer that’s shaped like a whale. It clips onto the side of your pot so you don’t have to use a colander. I love this product because I don’t have to pour my noodles into the colander in the sink, then pour the noodles back into the pot… although Tik-Tok has recently taught me that I’ve been using a colander wrong my whole life and that I should be placing it on top of the top and pouring the water through it instead of pouring the pot contents into the colander in the sink… but oh well, I still love my whale strainer.

Electric Wine Opener

Secura Electric Wine Opener, Automatic Electric Wine Bottle Corkscrew Opener with Foil Cutter, Rechargeable (Stainless Steel)
  • Rechargeable Electric Wine Bottle Opener - Easily remove corks in seconds. Compatible with most wine bottle sizes. Open up to 30 bottles on a single charge.
  • Easy to Use - Simply place on top of your wine bottle, press a button, and tada, your wine is open and ready to serve.

There are plenty of cool wine openers out there, but after you’re a couple bottles deep you don’t want to be messing around with those manual bottle openers. This electric wine opener will do all the work for you. Just place it on top of the bottle, hit a button, and fill your glass. It’s compact, easy to use, and rechargable. There’s literally no reason not to buy this.

Self Chilling Pint Glasses

The First Self Chilling Glassware (Set of 2) - Set of 2 - Pint
  • Set of Two (2) 16oz. Self-Chilling Pint Glasses and Two (2) Freezer-Safe Chilling Dimples
  • Keeps Beverages Ice Cold For 30 Minutes

If you don’t want to drink your beer out of a stainless steel Yeti Tumbler or a double wall insulated plastic glass, this self chilling pint glass is your next best option. Just throw the bottom dimple in the freezer to get it nice and cold, then pop it in to the bottom of the glass, and pour your beer. The ice cold dimple will keep your beer cold while the silicone around the bottom will keep your hands warm. If you’re a big beer drinker and you love drinking out of glass pint glasses, this is what you’re looking for.

Burger Press

Cuisinart Smashed Burger Press, Cast Iron CISB-111
  • HEAVY WEIGHT: Heavy weight to help smash the patty down to a 6” flat patty shape. The 1 cm raised edge locks in the juices and fats in while pressing down on the patty
  • DO IT LIKE THE PROS: Place a piece of parchment paper over the loosely packed ball of meat before smashing down! Provides an easy and clean transition between pressing each burger down.

I’m a huge fan of smash burgers. I know people always tell me that you shouldn’t smash your burgers because it causes the juices and stuff to leak out, but I love the thinner patties. This burger press will help you smash those burger patties down into your cast iron skillet.

Heating Knife

THAT Inventions Spread That Serrated Warming Butter Knife and Spreader, Red
  • Hold SpreadTHAT! serrated butter knife in the palm of your hand to facilitate heat transfer
  • Carve away thin portions of butter with spreader and place portions onto your toast

What is the worst thing in the world when it comes to cooking? Cold, hard butter that you need to spread… A cold knife is just a waste of time when it comes to cold butter. The butter just clumps up, or ruins your bread/toast, it’s just a nightmare. But with this heated knife you can cut through butter like… well, a hot knife through butter.

Automatic Pot Stirrer

Uutensil Stirr - the Unique Automatic Pan Stirrer - Longer Nylon Legs, Olive Green
  • Automatic Stirrer - green/grey
  • Self-rotating with three speed options

This one is really just a product for lazy people. Just drop this thing in your pot and it will do the stirring for you. No longer do you have to check on your soups or pastas while they are cooking. This truly is an amazing invention if you’re super lazy, or if you’re cooking a bunch of things at the same time and don’t want to have to worry about constantly stirring your pots.

Avocado Huggers

Avocado Hugger- Avocado Saver Reusable Silicone- Covers & Keeps Avocados fresh- Dishwasher Safe Silicone /100% BPA & Phthalate Free Kitchen Accessories- Patented Product by USA Company FOOD HUGGERS
  • INNOVATIVE PATENTED DESIGN: Silicone avocado savers by FOOD HUGGERS, a women-owned small business born on Kickstarter! Avocado Huggers fit perfectly around sliced avocados. With only one set you can...
  • KEEP IT FRESH: We all know avocados aren't cheap! That's why it is important to keep avacados fresh as long as you can. Avocado Huggers are uniquely designed to seal avocados you haven't used up yet!...

I’m not a fan of avocados, but my wife and kids are, so one of the most annoying things in our house is when we only use half an avocado and then the rest of it gets brown in the fridge. These avocado huggers go around the other half of the avocado to help keep the green until you use them the next time.

Olive Oil Sprayer

NEIJAING Olive Oil Sprayer Food-Grade Glass Bottle Gispenser for Cooking, BBQ, Salad, Kitchen Baking, Roasting, Frying
  • 【Safe and eco-friendly】Refillable oil injectors made of food-grade stainless steel.They are not only durable,scratch resistant,but also smooth,shiny,simple and elegant.Moreover,they are very good...
  • 【Healthy dieting】When you prepare food (e.g. for cooking, baking,barbequing,salad and bread),use our oil injector to produce a uniform,pure mist of oil that makes eating healthier, less oily, and...

My wife recently got one of these and it changed her life. I think she read about it in the Carrie Underwood book, but essentially it’s just a spray bottle that you put olive oil in so that you can spray vegetable and other foods with olive oil instead of having to pour it over the food. It actually makes a lot of sense if you’re looking to cover veggies before roasting them or spraying down a pan before cooking. It also prevents you from going crazy with your pour. If there’s one item on this list that my wife uses all the time now, it’s this one.

So there you have it, 21 cool kitchen gadgets that you may, or may not, find useful in your everyday life. We’ve got a bunch of these in our kitchen and use a lot of them all the time.

If you have a kitchen gadget that you use all the time that I didn’t list, please let me know in the comments. I love gadgets, so anything I can get to make our lives easier in the kitchen is always welcome.

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